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Patient Positioning; Performing Ultrasonic Scaling Procedures; Patient Comfort Considerations; Air Polishing Powder Bowl - DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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Lubricate the O-ring on the insert with water before
placing it into the handpiece. Fully seat insert with a
gentle push-twist motion. DO NOT FORCE. If using the
air polishing insert, align the powder delivery tube with
the powder delivery port and gently push into handpiece
until fully seated. DO NOT FORCE.
Turn the Lavage Control to select flow rate during
system operation. Clockwise increases flow at insert tip,
counterclockwise decreases flow. The flow rate through
the handpiece also determines the temperature of
the lavage. Lower flow rates produce warmer
lavage. Higher flow rates produce cooler lavage. If
the handpiece becomes warm, increase the flow rate.
With experience the Dental Healthcare Professional will
be able to determine the best flow rate setting for
optimum operating efficiency and patient comfort.

8.2 Patient Positioning

For optimal access to both the upper and lower arches, the
backrest of the chair should be adjusted as for other dental
procedures. This assures patient comfort and clinician
Have the patient turn his/her head to the right or left. Also
position chin up or down depending upon the quadrant and
surface being treated. Evacuate irrigant using either a saliva
ejector or High Volume Evacuator (HVE).
8.3 Performing Ultrasonic
Scaling Procedures
Note: Refer to the Infection Control Information
booklet supplied with your system and Section 9 of
this manual for general procedures to be followed
at the beginning of each day and between patients.
The edges of Cavitron Ultrasonic Inserts are intentionally
rounded so there is minimal danger of tissue laceration
with proper ultrasonic scaling technique. Whenever the
insert tip is placed in the patient's mouth, the lips,
cheek and tongue should be retracted to prevent
accidental (prolonged) contact with the activated tip.
Turn Power Level Control to select ultrasonic power level
for operation. Clockwise increases system power.
Power level will increase throughout the full range of the
control. Hold the handpiece over a sink or drain.
Press the Foot Control to activate the system. Check
spray to verify fluid is reaching the working end of the
insert tip. Adjust the water control to ensure adequate
flow for the selected power setting. Greater flow settings
provide cooler irrigation.
It may be necessary to adjust lavage with the system in
"Boost" mode (Foot Control fully depressed) so adequate
fluid will be available to cool tip to tooth interface.
In general, it is suggested that a "feather-light-touch" be
used for ultrasonic scaling. The motion of the activated
tip and acoustic effects of the irrigating fluid, in most
cases, are adequate to remove even the most tenacious
Periodically check the Cavitron Ultrasonic Insert for wear
with the Cavitron Insert Efficiency Indicator.
The use of a saliva ejector or High Volume Evacuator
(HVE) is recommended during all procedures.
Set the system's Power Level Control to the lowest
efficient power setting for the application and the
selected insert.

8.4 Patient Comfort Considerations

Reasons for sensitivity
Incorrect tip placement. The point should never be
directed toward tooth root surfaces.
Not keeping tip in motion on tooth. Do not allow the
insert to remain in a static position on any one area of
the tooth. Change the insert's path of motion.
Applying excessive pressure. Use a very light grasp
and pressure, with a soft tissue fulcrum whenever
possible, especially on exposed cementum.
If sensitivity persists, decrease power setting and/or
move from the sensitive tooth to another and then return.

8.5 Air Polishing Powder Bowl

Use only Cavitron
Prophy Powders in your Cavitron JET
Plus Combination System. Any other substance or
additives may clog the system and will void the warranty.
For your convenience, the prophy powders are supplied
in bottles. Keep stored in a location that does not
exceed 95
A special container is provided with your System for use
in emptying the powder bowl.
It is strongly recommended that the powder bowl be
emptied at the end of each day. This will reduce
moisture absorption and minimize clogging.

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