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DENTSPLY Cavitron PROPHY-JET Directions For Use Manual

Air polishing prophylaxis system
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Air Polishing Prophylaxis System
Directions For Use
Système de prophylaxie par polissage à l'air Cavitron
Mode d'emploi
Sistema profiláctico de pulido neumático Cavitron™ PROPHY-JET
Instrucciones para el uso
Sistema di profilassi e pulizia a getto d'aria Cavitron
Istruzioni per l'uso
Please read carefully and completely before operating unit.
Veuillez lire soigneusement et complètement avant d'utiliser le système.
Por favor lea detenida y completamente las instrucciones para el uso de hacer funcionar la unidad.
Bitte vor Inbetriebnahme des Geräts sorgfältig und vollständig durchlesen.
Leggere attentamente tutte le istruzioni prima di utilizzare il sistema.



  Summary of Contents for DENTSPLY Cavitron PROPHY-JET

  • Page 1 Cavitron ™ PROPHY-JET ® Air Polishing Prophylaxis System Directions For Use ™ ® Système de prophylaxie par polissage à l’air Cavitron PROPHY- JET Mode d’emploi ® Sistema profiláctico de pulido neumático Cavitron™ PROPHY-JET Instrucciones para el uso ™ ® Cavitron PROPHY-JET Airpolishing-Prophylaxegerät Gebrauchsanweisung...
  • Page 2 To order supplies or replacement parts for your PROPHY-JET electric shock, fire, mechanical hazards only in accordance ® System, contact your local DENTSPLY Dealer. If your dealer is UL 2601-1 assigned control #. unable to assist you, call 1-800-989-8826 Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time).
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Section Section Title Page Number Description of Contents Number Indications ................................3 1.1 Air Polishing procedures Contraindications and Warnings ........................... 3 2.1 Contraindications 2.2 Warnings Precautions ................................3 3.1 Precautions for All Systems 3.2 Precautions for Airpolishing Procedures Infection Control ..............................
  • Page 4: Indications

    • Insert Nozzle for best performance, use only the Cavitron™ • Do not direct the air polishing stream at soft tissue or into ® Air Polishing JET manufactured by Dentsply Preventive the sulcus. Tissue emphysema has been reportedly caused Care.
  • Page 5: Precautions For Airpolishing Procedures

    Customer Service at 1-800-989-8826 Monday through Fri- reference card accompanying your System. day, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) For other areas, contact your local DENTSPLY representative. 4.3 Water Supply Recommendations 4.2 General Infection Control It is highly recommended that all dental water supply systems Recommendations conform to applicable CDC (U.S.
  • Page 6: Unpacking The System

    Section 5: Installation Instructions cont'd 5.5 Unpacking the System 5.7 Foot Control Cable Assembly Connection ™ ® Carefully unpack your Cavitron PROPHY-JET Air Polishing Prophylaxis System and verify that all components and accessories are Align the Foot Control plug with the receptacle on the back of the included: System and push it in until firmly seated.
  • Page 7: Prophy-Jet

    ™ ® Section 6: Cavitron PROPHY-JET Air Polishing Prophylaxis System Description 6.1 System Controls Water Filter Removable cap for filter maintenance. Powder Fill Cap Top Grooves Removable cap for filling and Provide a convenient, temporary place- emptying the powder chamber. ment for the handpiece during treatment procedures.
  • Page 8: Cavitron™ Jet Air Polishing Insert Nozzle

    ™ ® Section 6: Cavitron PROPHY-JET cont'd 6.3 Cavitron JET Air Polishing Insert nozzle ™ Cleaning Powder Delivery Tube: Directs air/powder flow to insert tip. Air Polishing Insert Tip: Tube-in-a-tube design deliveres precise Insert Rod air/water/powder mixture at point of delivery. O-Ring: Seals water when Insert Nozzle is fully seated in Handpiece.
  • Page 9: Accessories

    Medicament Dispensing System #80528 5. JetShield™ Aerosol Reduction Device #80578 6. Water Filter Replacement 7. O-Ring to Powder Cap #628052001 *For detailed information, contact your local DENTSPLY ® Representative. Section 8: Techniques for Use • It is strongly recommended that the Powder Chamber be 8.1 Patient Positioning...
  • Page 10: Air Polishing Using The Jetshield™ Accessory

    Section 8: Techniques for Use cont'd To adjust the flow of powder: Step-by-Step Instructions: 1) Remove entire assembly from package. • Adjust the powder flow rate by rotating the left most control knob on the front panel. 2) Insert air polishing nozzle through JetShield™ cup and seat •...
  • Page 11: Performing Jet Air Polishing Procedures With Jetshield

    Section 8: Techniques for Use cont'd After completion of each procedure, remove JetShield™ assembly • Maintain a 3 to 4mm insert tip-to-tooth operating distance. and dispose of JetShield™ according to applicable regulations. Wipe- disinfect all other components before next use. Figure 3 •...
  • Page 12: Proper Angulation Of The Air Polishing Insert Without Jetshield

    Section 8: Techniques for Use cont'd 8.6 Proper Angulation of the Air Polishing Insert without JetShield™ Recommended angulation on the ante- Recommended angulation on the buccal and Recommended angulation to rior teeth is 60° with the tip aimed at the lingual surfaces of posterior teeth is 80°...
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    ® (JET Insert Nozzle blocks repeatedly) ® Polishing Prophylaxis System should be performed by DENTSPLY 1. Powder is moisture contaminated (lumpy). Discard powder. personnel, the following are some basic trouble shooting procedures 2. Air filter is contaminated. Clean or replace filter.
  • Page 14: Specifications

    Section 11: Specifications ® Cavitron™ PROPHY-JET Air Polishing Prophylaxis System: 100/115 VAC Systems OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Mode of Operation: Continuous operation with intermittent loading: Temperature 10 to 25 degrees celsius 10 minutes ON / 20 minutes OFF Relative Humidity 30 to 75 percent (non-condensing) Electrical Voltage 100V Gen 122J 115V Gen 122...
  • Page 15 Worldwide Service Centers Centres de service après-vente mondiaux Centros de servicio mundiales Service-Zentren im Ausland Centri di assistenza internazionali U. S. A. ® DENTSPLY Preventive Care Technical Service and Repair Department 1301 Smile Way York, PA 17404 Phone: (800) 347-7412 Deutschland...