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AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual page 54

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Viewing pictures
05-DVD 4543_AEG_GB.indd 54
Bitrate: Here you can select the desired bit rate.
Create ID3 TAG: Select whether ID3 information should be created
( = Yes,
= No).
This is only possible in the case of CDs which contain file informa-
Create Playlist: Select whether a PC playlist should be created
( = Yes,
= No).
Storage: If you have inserted both a USB storage medium and a
memory card, you can select the target medium here.
6. Under "TRACKS" you can now select the tracks to be converted with
the Cursor Buttons and the ENTER button ( = selected).
7. Under "START" you are shown the number of selected tracks, the
total track length and the required disc space.
If you would like to convert all of the tracks on the CD, select
the box in the top line under "TRACKS".
In order to delete your selection, deactivate the box again.
8. Now select the "START" field press the ENTER button (Fig. 3/7).
9. The conversion begins. Progress is shown on the screen.
10. When conversion is completed the words "Ripping Complete" are
shown. Then press the ENTER button in order to return to the ripping
11. In order to exit the ripping menu, select the "QUIT" field and press
the ENTER button.
You can stop the conversion process by pressing "Cancel". Press
the ENTER button to do so. The tracks already converted are
nevertheless stored.
Interrupted tracks and those already present can only be
deleted on the PC.
The DVD player is suitable for displaying your digital photographs. These
photos may be stored only any medium (DVD, CD, etc.) supported by the
DVD player.
Please ensure a suitable size of the photos. Large size photos may
take some time to be displayed or may not be displayed at all. It is
of advantage if the size of the photo corresponds with the screen
size of the playback device. For TVs this is normally 1024x576 pixel
(TV-aspect 16:9) or 768x576 (TV-aspect 4:3).
Start the replay of photos by selecting the file from which the replay
shall start ➯ Page 52, "Selecting file/directory and starting replay".
Manual: Press the "I" (Fig. 3/11) or "I" button (Fig. 3/13) on the
remote control to scroll forward or back.
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Table of Contents