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Troubleshooting - AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual

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Before sending the machine to the Customer Services, use the following table to check whether you can rectify the
fault yourself.
No display
No image displayed
on screen
No response when
pressing button
No sound
The remote control
does not work
DVD cannot be
05-DVD 4543_AEG_GB.indd 61
Possible cause
No power supply
no power supply/ mains
switch switched off
Video cable not correctly
no DVD/CD inserted
DVD/CD not compatible
DVD/CD incorrectly placed in
CD/DVD is dirty
CD/DVD is damaged
Incorrect settings
The child lock system is
The wrong TV mode has been
selected (no P-SCAN-capable
playback device).
Power supply problem or
static charging of appliance
Audio cable not connected
Amplifier switched off
Incorrect settings
wrong direction
too far away
Batteries empty
DVD has not been finalized
Before troubleshooting, switch the player off.
Put the mains plug in correctly, if necessary, check the
socket is working with another appliance.
Switch the player on by the mains switch (Fig. 1/1).
Before troubleshooting, switch the player off.
Check the correct fit of the Video cable "Connecting
the Video cable". Make sure that the jacks are tightly in
the sockets.
Insert a CD/DVD.
Use only compatible media (see "Technical data").
Turn the CD/DVD around.
Clean the CD/DVD around.
Use a different CD/DVD.
Check the settings of your DVD-Player.
Deactivate the child lock.
Press the VIDEO button (Fig. 3/25) to change the TV
Switch off the main switch and pull out the mains
plug. Insert the mains plug into the socket and switch
the player on again.
Before troubleshooting, switch the player off.
Video plug for transmission of the Video signal, you
must use and Audio cable in addition to the Video
cable ➯ "Connecting the Audio cable".
If you use an amplifier for Audio output: check
whether the amplifier is switched on.
Check the settings of your DVD-Player.
The remote control is not pointed towards the DVD-
Make sure that the remote control is not further than
7 m away from the player.
Replace the batteries in the remote control
➯ "Remote control battery installation".
Use a finalized DVD.
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Table of Contents