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AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual page 48

Dvd player
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Table of Contents
Starting the replay
Interrupting the replay
Changing Audio-Language/
Showing subtitles
Stopping the replay
Selecting previous chapter/track
Selecting next chapter/track
05-DVD 4543_AEG_GB.indd 48
DVD-menu page 2
Output language (1): The display shows how many languages are
available and which language is used.
Type of Audio output (2).
Display of subtitles (3): The display shows in which languages subti-
tles are available.
Viewing angle (4): If the DVD offers the possibility to choose from
different viewing angles, the display will now show the number of
possible viewing angles and the currently selected angle.
1. Place the CD/DVD on the CD/DVD-tray ➯ Page 47, "Loading a CD/
2. Press the "II" button (Fig. 3/24) on the remote control.
If the replay does not start or the replay is of poor quality, you should
check the default settings of the DVD-Player.
1. Press the "II" button (Fig. 3/24) on the remote control. The replay is
interrupted, the currently visible image is "frozen".
2. Press the "II" button (Fig. 3/24) on the remote control to restart
the "normal" replay.
Press the AUDIO button (Fig. 3/29) several times to change the Audio
language. The available audio languages depend on the DVD.
Only for audio/MP3 CDs:
By repeatedly pressing the AUDIO (Fig. 3/29) button you can set the
audio mode to "Mono" or "Stereo".
Press the SUBTITLE button (Fig. 3/33) to display the current subtitle
status. Press the button several times if you would like to activate or
deactivate the subtitle function or if you want to choose a different
subtitle language. The available subtitle languages depend on the DVD.
Press the "" button (Fig. 3/12) during replay. The replay stops.
Press the "II" button (Fig. 3/24) again, to continue the replay from
the last position.
Press the "" button (Fig. 3/12) twice to stop the replay completely.
Press the "II" button (Fig. 3/24) again, to replay the CD/DVD from
the beginning.
Press the "I" button (Fig 3/11) to jump to the start of the previous
chapter or track.
Press the "I" button (Fig 3/13) to jump to the start of the next chapter
or track.
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Table of Contents