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AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual page 57

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05-DVD 4543_AEG_GB.indd 57
PROGRESSIVE: Choose this option if your replay device supports
progressive signals and is connected to the DVD-Player by means of
a Component-Video cable.
S-VIDEO: Choose this option if your replay device supports progres-
sive signals and is connected to the DVD-Player by means of an
S-Video cable.
If the DVD-Player is connected to the replay device by means of a
Composite-Video cable or a SCART-cable, you may choose any set-
ting from this menu.
HD Output (Resolution)
Select the HDMI resolution for the connected playback device that is
to be used. Choosing the right signal format depends on the type of
connection and the playback device (see also the operating manual of
the replay unit).
TV Type
Here you can adapt the output of the DVD-Player to the TV-aspect.
Concerning the background: If you do not have a wide screen TV the TV-
aspect will be 4:3. However, most feature films have an aspect of 16:9,
the image is therefore too wide for the TV-screen.
Here you can specify how the replay of the film is to be adapted to the
replay device:
4:3 PAN SCAN: You will only see the middle section of the film. The
borders will be cut off ("Pan-Scan").
4:3 LB: You will see the complete width of the film. The film is thus
reduced in size, whereby black bars appear below and above the film
16:9: Select this option if you use a wide screen TV for replay. Please
note that films, that have been recorded with TV-aspect 4:3 can still
be replayed using aspect 4:3. This means, that replaying this film will
not require the complete wide screen area of the television.
The setting "4:3/PAN SCAN" is not supported by all DVDs.
By pressing the WIDE button (illustration 3/31) you can also switch
between the aspect ratio options (only possible in stop mode).
If you want to operate the DVD-Player with a child protection sys -
tem, you must first enter a password. This password safeguards the set-
tings for the child protection system, so that it can only be changed by
In order to change the password, you must first enter the current pass-
word. The master password is "8888".
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Table of Contents