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Remote Control; Setting Up And Connecting; Starting Up; Battery Installation - AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual

Dvd player
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Table of Contents
Intended use
Setting up

Remote control

battery installation

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The DVD-Player is solely intended for the following tasks:
Playing of Video DVD/Video CD.
Playing of Audio-CD,
Any other use is considered non-intended use and is prohibited.
If the machine should become defective at some point:
If the power supply cable for this appliance is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer or his customer services, in order to
avoid hazards.
Should fluid have seeped into the player or if the player has been
dropped down or damaged in any other way, the player must be
examined by an authorized dealer. Disconnect the player from the
power supply and consult an authorized dealer.

Setting up and connecting

Unpack the appliance and all accessories and check that the contents
are complete.
Always transport/send the player in its original packaging to prevent
it from being damaged. Keep the packaging for this purpose. Dispose
of unnecessary packaging material in accordance with the regulations
applicable in your country.
Get in touch with your dealer immediately if you notice damage
caused by transport.
1. Place the player on a stable, heat resistant, horizontal and level
surface. Keep a distance of at least 10 cm from walls and objects.
2. Connect the device to a properly installed power socket.

Starting up

Leaking out battery acid can damage your health. Remove the battery
from the battery compartment as soon as it is exhausted or if the
remote control is not going to be used for a longer period of time.
Wipe up leaked out battery acid with a cloth. In case of skin contact
immediately wash the affected area. Seek medical advice if battery
acid has been swallowed.In case of contact with your eyes wash out
the eyes and seek medical advice.
Mismatching battery types or new and used batteries must never be
used together. Different battery types have different properties. Do
not use old and new batteries together. The mutual use of old and new
batteries can shorten the lifetime of the new batteries and possibly
result in leakage of the old batteries. When disposing of old batteries
you should strictly comply with the legal and environmental regula-
tions applicable in your country. Do not throw batteries into fire!
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Table of Contents