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AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual page 52

Dvd player
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Table of Contents
Selecting file/directory
and starting replay
05-DVD 4543_AEG_GB.indd 52
This device has been developed in accordance with the latest technical
developments in the USB field. Unfortunately the large number of dif-
ferent types of USB storage media on offer today makes it impossible to
guarantee full compatibility with all USB storage media. For this reason
there may be problems in rare cases with playing back from USB storage
media. This is not a malfunction of the device.
1. Insert a USB storage medium directly into the corresponding con-
nection of the DVD player (Fig. 1/10).
2. Press the USB/CARD button (Fig. 3/10) on the remote control in
order to turn the DVD player to the file mode.
3. Use the Cursor Buttons (Fig. 3/27) to select the "USB" mode. Confirm
with the ENTER (Fig. 3/7) button.
In order to find out which files can be played back the DVD player
now reads the contents of the storage medium. In the case of large
storage media this procedure may take a long time.
4. Select the desired file(s) und start playback ➯ Page 52, "Selecting
file/directory and starting replay".
5. If you would like to change back to DVD mode, press the USB/CARD
button (Fig. 3/10) again.Use the Cursor Buttons (Fig. 3/27) to select
the "DISC" mode. Confirm with the ENTER (Fig. 3/7) button.
Media may contain a large number of data/files. You must therefore first
determine the data to be played.
1. If this has not yet taken place: Insert the CD or DVD in the drive. The
file selection dialogue appears. This dialogue is structured as follows:
Directory overview (1)
File overview (2)
Currently selected directory and probably the selected file (3):
The directory name appears in square brackets.
Example: "[Directory1]Filename2.jpg".
Button "Selection Audio Files" (4): Music files are displayed.
Button "Selection Photo Files" (5): Photo files are displayed.
Button "Selection Video Files" (6): Film files are displayed.
You can use the Cursor buttons (, ) of the remote control to
navigate to the file overview and the selection buttons in this
Please note:
There are both lots of burning and compressing methods as well as
high quality differences in CDs/DVDs and burned CDs/DVDs.
For this reason there may occasionally be problems when files are
played back (for example files are displayed but cannot be played
back). This is no malfunction of the player.
2. If the memory medium contains various file types (e.g. Audio and
Video files), files of the wrong type may be displayed. Example:
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Table of Contents