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AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual page 43

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Connecting the Video cable
Fig. 2/15
Fig. 2/12
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The lifetime of the enclosed batteries may be shortened because of
1. Open and remove the battery compartment cover.
2. Insert two batteries of type AAA/R03 (1.5 V), ensure correct polarity
(+ and -). Start with the negative pole (-).
3. Attach and close the battery compartment cover.
The signals from the remote control are transmitted to the DVD-Player
by infrared light. You should therefore take care that the DVD-Player is
not exposed to the direct sunlight. This could make the transmission of
signals from the remote control to the DVD-Player impossible.
Effective range of the remote control
If you want to use the remote control it has to be pointed at the remote
control sensor on the front of the device. The distance between remote
control and sensor should not exceed 5m. The angle of the remote con-
trol to the remote control sensor to right, left, top and bottom should
not exceed 30°.
The video cable transmits the video data from your DVD-Player to the TV
or the Video-Projector.
There are four different ways of connecting the DVD-Player with your
TV/Video-Projector. Select one of these possibilities to suit your replay
If you do not use a SCART connection it is necessary to make an ad-
ditional audio connection for the transmission of the audio data (i.e.
the sound).
SCART is used to transmit both Video and Audio data.
1. Plug the SCART jack firmly into the socket on the back of the player.
2. Plug the SCART jack into the corresponding socket on your playback
3. Press the VIDEO button (Fig. 3/25) repeatedly to select the "RGB"
Component Video
Connection using a Component Video cable ensures a very high replay
Component Video transmits only Video signals.
1. Plug each of the three jacks into the corresponding sockets on the
2. Plug the jacks into the corresponding socket on your playback
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Table of Contents