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AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual page 53

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Stopping the replay
Ripping (CD-MP3 Conversion)
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The file selection dialogue shows Audio files, but you would like to
play Video files. In this case use one of the selection buttons, e.g.
"Selection of Audio Files", to select the desired file type. Use the
Cursor Buttons (, ) (Fig. 3/27) on the remote control to select the
selection buttons. Press the II-button (Fig. 3/24) to confirm your
Selection buttons are only available if corresponding files are
present. If e.g. a medium does not contain any Video files, the but-
ton "Selection Video Files" cannot be activated.
3. Choose the directory you would like to play. Use the Cursor Buttons
(, ) (Fig. 3/27) on the remote control to select the directory
overview. The currently selected directory is highlighted in orange. If
necessary change the directory with the Cursor Buttons (, ).
4. Press the II-button (Fig. 3/24) to start the replay. All files in the
selected directory will now be played.
Selecting a file
If you want to play only one file or if you want to start the replay from
a certain file, please proceed as follows:
1. Select the file type and the directory which contains the desired file
as described above. ➯ Page 52, "Selecting file/directory and starting
replay", item 1-3.
2. Use the Cursor Buttons (, ) (Fig. 3/27) on the remote control to
change to the directory overview.
3. Choose the desired file. The currently selected file is highlighted in
orange. If necessary change the file with the Cursor Buttons (, ).
Press the "" button (Fig. 3/12) on the remote control to stop the replay.
With an audio CD running you can activate the ripping function. This
function allows you to convert the data on the audio CD into the MP3
format and store on your connected MP3 player or inserted memory
You can move through the ripping menu with the Cursor buttons (Fig.
3/27) and change the settings with the ENTER button (Fig. 3/7).
1. Insert an audio CD start playback.
2. Now insert a memory card or attach a USB storage medium directly
to the corresponding connection of the device.
3. Wait approximately 5 seconds so that the DVD player can detect the
inserted storage medium.
4. Press the RIPPING button (Fig. 3/15) to call up the ripping menu.
5. Perform the required adjustments under "OPTIONS".
Speed: Here you can select the speed with which the tracks are to be
converted. The options available are
1X = real time and 4X = Fast.
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Table of Contents