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AEG DVD 4543 HDMI Instruction Manual page 41

Dvd player
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Where to position the appliance
05-DVD 4543_AEG_GB.indd 41
This appliance is classified as laser appliance of class 1 (CLASS 1 LASER).
The associated label is attached to the outside of the appliance.
Laser beams can damage the eyes. Therefore observe the following:
Do not open the appliance. Do not attempt to dismantle the appli-
In order to avoid any danger: Have service work only carried out by
the manufacturer or an authorized service workshop.
In order to avoid damage to the DVD, you should remove it before
transporting the appliance.
Never move the machine when it is in operation.
Safe operation of the appliance presupposes that it is positioned in an
appropriate place. Therefore observe the following:
Protect the appliance against the influence of weather. Never use it
in the open-air.
Protect the appliance against moisture.
Do not place any vessels filled with liquids, e.g. vases, on the device.
Never place the appliance on or in direct vicinity of heat sources,
such as e.g. hobs, ovens, etc.
Do not expose the appliance to direct sunlight.
Place the appliance so that a sufficient air supply is assured. This is
to avoid a build up of heat inside the appliance. Make sure that the
ventilation slots are not blocked.
Protect the appliance against the mechanical vibrations.
Always place the device on a firm and flat surface.
Protect the remote control against weather influences, moisture and
high temperatures (e.g. by direct sunlight).
The player is able to show a still image on the TV-screen/monitor
over an unlimited period of time. This can cause damage to the
screen. It is therefore advisable to activate the screen saver
➯ Page 56, "System settings".
Do not increase the volume when the player is just playing very quiet
sections. This could damage the speaker if very loud passages start all
of a sudden after the quiet section.
Do not move the player with a DVD inserted. This could damage the
Do not put your hands into the DVD-slot. You could be injured.
Place only DVDs or CDs on the DVD-tray, as otherwise the player may
be damaged.
Pull out the mains plug if the appliance is not to be used over a
longer period of time.
Please disconnect the mains plug during thunderstorms.
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Table of Contents