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Faxworks For Os/2 Users - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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From DOS, change to the DSP2\SOLO subdirectory and run CONFIG. Run Automatic
Setup and Test; the configuration program will correct the DMA channel and select one
that does not cause a conflict in your system.
If you receive the message "Error loading OCDSP.OP file" when running the
CONFIG.EXE program, change your working directory to the directory where
CONFIG.EXE is found (usually C:\DSP2\SOLO) before running the CONFIG.EXE
program. The CONFIG.EXE program expects to find the OCDSP.OP file in the current
working directory..
9. OS/2 Users:
If, after installing the OS/2 diskettes, running CONFIGO, shutting down, and rebooting your
machine, you receive error messages on your screen, you may have a configuration conflict.
Run CONFIGO again and choose different settings that do not conflict with the other
hardware settings in your system. See your system documentation for details. If you have a
dual boot machine and have run CONFIG in Windows successfully, make sure the settings
you chose in CONFIGO match the ones you chose in CONFIG.
OS/2 Users: If you are using OS/2, do not open the Mwave modem in OS/2 and WIN-
OS/2 at the same time. It will hang the system if you open both of them.


1. If you install FaxWorks for OS/2 on your system after you have installed the Multimedia
Modem Plus, make sure to add the proper COM Port information to your CONFIG.SYS, as
documented in
"Configuring your Multimedia Modem Plus for OS/2
Note: The comments above the FaxWorks statements tell you not to modify them. Modify
the COM Port statement as documented anyway!
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