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About This Book; Introduction - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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This book is intended to explain how to install and use the IBM Multimedia Modem Plus. You
should have some experience with installing adapters in computers and be familiar with using the
operating system on your computer before attempting to install this product.
This book contains:
! An introduction
! How to install and configure the software
! How to use the Multimedia Modem Plus features
! Troubleshooting information
! Specifications
Be sure to read through the software installation sections before you start the installation
procedure. If you are still unsure of your ability to install the Multimedia Modem Plus after
reading the installation sections, ask an experienced technician for help or contact your technical
support representative. The following terms are used in this book.
IMPORTANT: A condition that can adversely impact the operation of your computer.
NAVIGATION: Identifies instructions on how to get to the function that is described.
WARNING: A word for calling attention to the possibility of damage to a program, device, or
system, or to data.
NOTE: The illustrations in this publication might be slightly different from your hardware.


The IBM Multimedia Modem Plus combines high-quality audio and telephony functions on a
single 16-bit ISA adapter in your computer. The adapter is based on the IBM Mwave DSP, and
makes it easy to control telephone, fax, and data communication and to enjoy high-quality stereo
sound, all from your computer desktop. The Multimedia Modem Plus provides the capabilities
of a reliable 28 800 bps modem and 14 400 bps fax. Mwave DSVD allows you to share voice
and data over the same phone line. High quality audio is provided with 32 voice, 128 instrument
MIDI wavetable synthesis with special effects features including QSOUND, chorus, reverb, and
base and treble controls. In addition, major audio standards are supported including Sound
Blaster Pro and MPU-401.
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