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IBM WaveRunner Manual

Isdn/analog modem for windows 95
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Introduction _________________________________________________ 4
What Your WaveRunner PCMCIA Package Contains ____________________________ 4
What Your WaveRunner ISA Package Contains _________________________________ 4
Required Items _____________________________________________________________ 6
Windows 95 ____________________________________________________________________ 6
ISDN Use Only __________________________________________________________________ 7
Telephone Company Checklist for ISDN Operation_______________________________ 7
North America __________________________________________________________________ 7
Europe, Asia, and Australia ________________________________________________________ 8
Uninstall Previous WaveRunner Software_______________________________________ 9
Chapter 3 : WaveRunner Windows 95 Installation ___________________________ 10
Installation Procedures _____________________________________________________ 10
Validating Your Installation _________________________________________________ 11
Locate the WaveRunner Port Monitor using Explorer ___________________________________ 12
Using the Port Monitor to Check Your ISDN Service ___________________________________ 12
Explanation of Indicators _______________________________________________________ 13
_________________________________________________________________________ 16
Chapter 5 : Setting up a Fax Connection ___________________________________ 17
Beginning the Setup ________________________________________________________ 17
Filling out the Microsoft Fax Properties Page ___________________________________ 18



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  Summary of Contents for IBM WaveRunner

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Europe, Asia, and Australia ________________________________________________________ 8 Check IRQ, COM Port, and DMA Availability – ISA and MicroChannel Only ________ 8 Uninstall Previous WaveRunner Software_______________________________________ 9 Chapter 3 : WaveRunner Windows 95 Installation ___________________________ 10 Installation Procedures _____________________________________________________ 10 Validating Your Installation _________________________________________________ 11...
  • Page 2 Appendix A : Clearing up Undetected Hardware Conflicts in Windows 95___________ 33 Appendix B : Ordering ISDN Service (North America Only) ______________________ 33 Ordering ISDN for the WaveRunner Digital Modem Reference Sheet_______________________ 33 Appendix C : Choosing Your ISDN Category (Germany only) _____________________ 34...
  • Page 3 Table of Figures Figure 1: WaveRunner Setup Screen ................11 Figure 2: Port Monitor Icon..................12 Figure 3: ISDN Port Monitor..................12 Figure 4: ISDN Port Monitor w/Successful Initialization ..........13 Figure 5: Dial-Up Networking ..................14 Figure 6: Making a New Connection................15 Figure 7: WaveRunner ISDN Connection..............
  • Page 4: Chapter 1 : Introduction

    November 1997 Chapter 1 : Introduction Thank you for choosing WaveRunner and welcome to the world of high-speed digital modems. The purpose of this manual is to supplement the WaveRunner installation software with various information, such as what you will need to begin your installation, how to set up a 128k connection, how to troubleshoot various problems that may occur and where to find technical support.
  • Page 5: What Your Waverunner Microchannel Package Contains

    The IBM WaveRunner installation diskettes/CD ROM • One of the following options: • The WaveRunner Adapter Startup Option Diskette • The WaveRunner Adapter Option Diskette (Version 1.1 or higher) • A data cable • Fast Path to Installation card for MicroChannel •...
  • Page 6: Chapter 2 : What You Will Need For A Successful Installation

    Chapter 2 : What You Will Need for a Successful Installation In order to make the installation of your WaveRunner adapter as smooth as possible, be sure you have all the items listed. Required Items PC with minimum 16MHz 486, 8MB RAM, 10MB hard disk space, 3.5 in.
  • Page 7: Isdn Use Only

    Telephone Company Checklist for ISDN Operation If you are planning to use your WaveRunner's ISDN capabilities, you must have ISDN service provided by your local telephone company (i.e. Ameritech, US West, GTE, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom, etc.) and a Network Terminator (NT1).
  • Page 8: Europe, Asia, And Australia

    4. Click the View Resources tab and select Interrupt Request (IRQ). 5. Note the numbers listed in the Setting column. These are the IRQ's that are unavailable to WaveRunner. When setting up your WaveRunner adapter, be sure not to use these IRQ's.
  • Page 9: Uninstall Previous Waverunner Software

    Unavailable Unavailable Uninstall Previous WaveRunner Software If you have a previous installation of a WaveRunner adapter, follow the instructions below to remove it. 1. Insert the WaveRunner Installation Disk 1 or CD-ROM. 2. Copy WRUNINST.EXE from the Installation Disk to the WINDOWS directory.
  • Page 10: Chapter 3 : Waverunner Windows 95 Installation

    If you have not done so already, uninstall previous versions of WaveRunner software by following the directions in Chapter 2. If your WaveRunner software is not on your hard disk or network disk, insert WaveRunner Installation Disk 1 or CD-ROM.
  • Page 11: Validating Your Installation

    When your setup is complete, the WaveRunner installation includes an ISDN Port Monitor. The following steps will help you decide if your installation was successful. Note: Your WaveRunner adapter must be connected to an NT-1 or an analog telephone line for successful validation. For PCMCIA, the cable with...
  • Page 12: Locate The Waverunner Port Monitor Using Explorer

    4. Go down the Windows directory tree until you find the Waverun directory and click on it. 5. Locate the WaveRunner Port Monitor by its icon (Figure 2), a blue globe with the text ISDN underneath. 6. Double-click this icon to start the Port Monitor.
  • Page 13: Explanation Of Indicators

    if your telephone numbers and SPIDs (North America only) are correct. If they are, the Port Monitor displays something similar to the text in Figure 4. Figure 4: ISDN Port Monitor w/Successful Initialization Explanation of Indicators LA: (line active) indicates a successful connection to NT-1 and ISDN service D: indicates correct SPID (North America only) B1: indicates a 64k connection on the first line (only if communicating or making a call)
  • Page 14: Chapter 4 : Setting Up A Dial-Up Networking Link

    4. Click Select a modem to see which choices you have (see Figure 6). With just the WaveRunner installed, you see at least four modem devices: WaveRunner ISDN Line 01...
  • Page 15: Figure 6: Making A New Connection

    To set up that connection, point to the object and click the right mouse button. From the menu that appears, select Properties. Figure 7: WaveRunner ISDN Connection There is extensive online help available for using Microsoft’s Dial-Up Networking, but there is one trick if you want to use a 128K ISDN connection.
  • Page 16: Using A 128K Isdn Connection - Mlp (Set Up A Connection To Use Both Isdn B-Channels)

    4. Click Add. 5. Click Device name and add the second ISDN device listed. Note: Make sure you select the other WaveRunner ISDN device. Most often, you will use the same telephone number as before, but this will be determined by your ISDN service provider.
  • Page 17: Chapter 5 : Setting Up A Fax Connection

    Chapter 5 : Setting up a Fax Connection Setting up a fax connection with the WaveRunner adapter is no different than setting up a fax connection with any other modem. If you are familiar with the setup process, the only thing you need to know is to choose WaveRunner PCMCIA Modem (PCMCIA) or WaveRunner Internal Modem (ISA and MicroChannel) as your fax modem.
  • Page 18: Filling Out The Microsoft Fax Properties Page

    Figure 9: Add Services to Profile Screen 4. Select Microsoft Fax and click OK (see Figure 9). 5. On the Microsoft Fax screen, click OK to enter Microsoft Fax Properties. Filling out the Microsoft Fax Properties Page 1. On the User tab (Figure 10), fill out your country, name, fax number, etc. Figure 10: Microsoft Fax Properties –...
  • Page 19: Testing Your New Fax Capabilities

    You are now ready to use your WaveRunner adapter for facsimiles. Testing your New Fax Capabilities Once you have your WaveRunner adapter set up for fax capabilities, it’s a good idea to test it. To do so, simply follow the directions below.
  • Page 20: Sending Facsimiles From Other Applications

    3. Follow the steps in the Compose New Fax wizard, selecting the fax number of someone you know. 4. When you are finished filling out the pages in the Compose New Fax wizard, click Finish. Figure 13: Microsoft Fax Status Screen The fax you just created will automatically be sent.
  • Page 21: Chapter 6 : Troubleshooting

    Chapter 6 : Troubleshooting Basic Windows 95 Troubleshooting Many Windows 95 problems can be solved by simply uninstalling and reinstalling the WaveRunner software. If that does not resolve your problem, identify your problem below and try the possible solution. Problem...
  • Page 22: Common Isdn Errors

    No response from application driver (Modem, V.120, V.120/Modem, TCP/IP-Slip when running communications application Description: Indicates a conflict in COM port addresses or interrupt assignments. User Response: Make sure that all appropriate application drivers have been loaded onto your ISDN/Analog Modem. If all drivers have been loaded and you still get no response from your communications application, verify that the COM port addresses and interrupt assignments specified in your communication applications match the COM port...
  • Page 23 for the SPID and the directory numbers match the values received from the Phone Company. Also, if you selected a fixed TEI value during the ISDN/Analog Modem ISDN configuration, make sure that the TEI value you entered corresponds to the configured SPID. Line Active indicator in the ISDN Port Monitor window does not come on.
  • Page 24 • Verify that you chose the correct switch type in the ISDN/Analog Modem ISDN configuration. Review the information you received from the Phone Company when you requested ISDN service to make sure that you configured the correct switch type. • Verify that the line is configured for the correct grade of service (voice/data, voice only, or data only).
  • Page 25: Waverunner Isa Pc Boards

    X’230’-X’23F’, which conflicts with the WaveRunner Adapter adapter’s address. User Response: Either select a new address for your mouse controller adapter or remove it, so that it does not interfere with the WaveRunner Adapter operations. Windows stops during initialization Description: Occurs when the DMA channel number is incorrect.
  • Page 26 ISDN line. This is caused by one of the following conditions: • Cable not connected to WaveRunner Adapter. • Cabling from wall through NT-1 to WaveRunner Adapter not correct. (Most NT-1s provide LED's that help determine whether the NT-1 is connected correctly.
  • Page 27 TEI values. (This problem is applicable to only fixed value TEI lines). Verify that you chose the correct switch type in the WaveRunner Adapter ISDN configuration. Review the information you received from the Phone Company when you requested ISDN service to make sure that you have configured the switch type.
  • Page 28 AT command issued from an application. User Response: Check the online help for the AT commands supported by the WaveRunner Adapter. If the string is longer than 40 characters (after the AT portion of the string), it must be shortened to 40 characters or fewer.
  • Page 29: Waverunner Microchannel Pc Boards

    • y represents the slot number of the adapter in error • z is a specific error indicator Listed below are the error codes for the WaveRunner Adapter and the possible causes for each error. If you receive an error that is not listed...
  • Page 30 WaveRunner Adapter to the system speaker is defective. The WaveRunner Adapter is still functional, but without audio feedback (busy signals or ringing, for example). No action is required. If you need the audio feedback function, have your WaveRunner Adapter for MicroChannel replaced. System speaker is not functioning.
  • Page 31: Other Common Problems

    Mwave technology currently supports a maximum of one Mwave- compatible adapter per system. If you have another Mwave-compatible adapter in your system, it will not work with your WaveRunner Adapter. The COM port number under which your application is running is not the same as the COM port number under which the WaveRunner was installed.
  • Page 32: Chapter 7 : Customer Support

    Chapter 7 : Customer Support During the warranty period, you can get toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions about your WaveRunner. If you need warranty service, return or exchange is available. Before calling, please prepare for your call by having as much of the following information as possible: •...
  • Page 33: Appendices

    Appendix B: Ordering ISDN Service (North America Only) Ordering ISDN for the WaveRunner Digital Modem Reference Sheet The parameters that your phone company will need to configure your ISDN line depend on their switch type. Use the following information to help the phone company set up your ISDN line.
  • Page 34: Appendix C: Choosing Your Isdn Category (Germany Only)

    National ISDN 1TR6 or Euro ISDN DSS1. Look below to determine which category you are using. In order to change the categories manually, you must go to Control Panel, choose Network, then Properties WaveRunner ISDN Adapter. Here you can switch the ISDN category. After this, you have to use the ISDN Configuration Wizard to choose the same ISDN category.
  • Page 35: Euro Isdn Dss1

    Euro ISDN DSS1 With this kind of ISDN connection, you get completely different phone numbers. Each number can be related to a device. The table below shows an example. Number Device 9786 8755 Phone 6578 Printer • • • • •...