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Discriminator Settings - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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You can specify and control several discriminator functions such as:
Area code
If you set the default area code to your local area code, do not enter the area code for local
numbers in the Caller ID database. If the Caller ID data received over your telephone line
contains the local area code, the discriminator uses the area code that you entered as the
default to match the incoming number to a Caller ID database entry.
Silence indicator
Specify what a silence may indicate at the beginning of a message from some caller. If the
discriminator detects a silence after answering a call, it can treat the message as the type that
you indicate. For example, a caller's application program may start the message with silence
to indicate a fax or data message.
Set up discriminator messages
You can edit three not-available messages and one initial greeting message using the message
dialog box. If your voice application is not running and the discriminator answers the
telephone, it plays your voice "Sorry." message. Otherwise, your initial greeting plays when
the discriminator answers the telephone.
The discriminator comes with default messages that you can use if you do not want to record
your own.
When your voice application is not running, you can record or edit messages using the
record, play, and stop buttons. You can use a microphone or your telephone to record your
You can change these controls from the Discriminator Settings Window.
NAVIGATE: From the Mwave Discriminator, go to the Options drop down menu and click on
The Discriminator Settings Window displays.
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