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Helpful Hints; Installation - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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This section contains information about the IBM Multimedia Modem Plus that you will not find
elsewhere in this book. You might find it helpful in some situations.


1. When you run the Multimedia Modem Plus configuration program for Windows,
CONFIG.EXE, it is recommended that you run Automatic Setup to test the board. The
CONFIGO.EXE configurator program for OS/2 does not support the Automatic Setup and
Test or Test functions. If you have Windows installed on your system as well as OS/2, use
CONFIG.EXE to test the configuration values. Record the configuration values that pass in
Appendix A. Next, go back to OS/2, run CONFIGO.EXE, and use the Setup option to
manually select the recorded configuration values. Exit CONFIGO and accept the Setup
configuration values.
If you do not have Windows installed on your system, you must choose your own
configuration values. Check your system documentation and the documentation
that came with any installed hardware to make sure your configuration choices do
not conflict with values already used by the system. Also try typing "MSD" at the
DOS command line. If the MSD.EXE is available on your system, it will provide
you with valuable COM Port and IRQ information.
2. If you need another free IRQ and/or if you do not wish to use the external MIDI port on the
Multimedia Modem Plus board, you can specify 0x0 as the MIDI I/O address in the
Multimedia Modem Plus configuration program. The IRQ used by the external MIDI port
will then be available for other devices. This feature may be useful if you have a limited
number of unused IRQ's.
The MIDI port is only used to connect to external MIDI devices. You will still be
able to use MIDI on your system.
3. If you have a board or device on your computer which overlaps the I/O address range 0x278
to 0x27F the board may conflict with the standard Plug & Play address of 0xA79 defined in
the Microsoft/Intel Plug & Play specification. If the device is a standard parallel port device
configured for the base I/O range 0x278-0x27E, you should configure the adapter to a
different I/O address range. Contact the board's manufacturer for information about how to
change the adapter's default address.
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