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Troubleshooting; Installation Problems - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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Use this section to solve hardware problems during or after installation. If your problem is not in
the table or if you need help solving the problem call your IBM technical support representative.


Use this section to solve installation problems.
SYMPTOM Hardware conflict messages displayed
SOLUTION There is a conflict between your adapter settings and your operating system. Run
CONFIG.EXE to analyze the conflicts, or refer to "Specifications" for the
configuration defaults.
SYMPTOM Internal read error during installation
SOLUTION Ensure you are not running the Norton Antivirus program while installing the
Multimedia Modem Plus.
SYMPTOM COM Port conflict detected but no other device is using the port
SOLUTION Your operating system is using the specified COM Port. See your computer
operations manual for instructions on disabling the port. Disable the port from a
configuration or BIOS setup program that can be accessed when your turn on or
restart your computer.
If the conflicting port is a printer port and you do not have a printer attached to that
port, accept the port setting by closing the configuration program and using the
configuration with the failed COM Port test.
SYMPTOM Sounds do not play or the system hangs
SOLUTION If your computer has built-in sound capability, a DMA-channel and an interrupt-
request-line might be in use. These are not required when using the Multimedia
Modem Plus. You can disable the DMA-channel and the interrupt-request-line by
running the BIOS setup software shipped with your computer.
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