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Operation Problems - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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SYMPTOM CD-ROM drive does not operate
SOLUTION Run the CONFIG.EXE program to ensure that there are no base I/O address
conflicts, or refer to "Specifications" for information about the configuration
defaults. Ensure that the device line, DEVICE=C:\DSP2\SOLO\
MWDDSOLO.EXE appears before the CD-ROM device driver line in your
If the CD does not play with Windows applications, make sure a CD is in the CD-
ROM drive when you start Windows. If not, restart Windows with a CD in the
CD-ROM drive.
SYMPTOM After software installation the disk drive does not work
SOLUTION This is probably caused by a DMA conflict. Rerun the CONFIG.EXE or
CONFIGO.EXE program and choose a different DMA channel setting for the
Multimedia Modem Plus adapter.


Use this section to solve operational problems.
CAUSES/SOLUTION Close all audio applications, initialize the modem, open your modem
CAUSES/SOLUTION If you have call-waiting, disable call-waiting before you make fax or
Need a test method for the modem function
application and do the following from the application terminal screen:
1. Type ATZ and press Enter. Your modem displays OK on the screen
within 5 seconds.
2. Type ATH1 and press Enter. The ATH1 command is the same as
taking the receiver off the hook, you will hear a dial tone through your
3. Type ATH and press Enter. The ATH command is the same as
hanging up.
Fax and modem operation is interrupted by incoming calls
modem calls, or call your phone company and ask them to disconnect
your call-waiting service.
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