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Using Voice, Fax And Data; Manual Discrimination - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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The Multimedia Modem Plus allows you to use your telephone to control voice, fax, and data
from your computer. It uses the Mwave Discriminator to automatically identify and route your
incoming telephone calls to a call-handler program. The call-handler program can be a voice,
fax, or data application.
The discriminator runs in the background and starts when needed to answer your telephone. It
automatically answers the call after the number of rings that you set in your voice application. If
your voice application is not running, the call is answered on the lowest number of rings set in
your fax or data application. One of the three call-handling applications (voice, fax, or data)
must be active. If you do not start a program to handle the incoming call type, the discriminator
plays a "Sorry.." message for that call type.
The IBM Multimedia Modem Plus provides the QuickLink Message Center for Windows and
WIN-OS/2. The QuickLink Message Center includes a Call Manager program for voice and fax
messages, and an On-Line Terminal Application for data (modem) messages. You can specify
the types of call that QuickLink Message Center should handle. If you want to use a different
voice, fax, or data program, you must start that call-handling program before the discriminator
receives the incoming telephone call.
NOTE: If you do not start a voice, fax or data handling program such as Call Manager or
QuickLink Message Center On-Line, the Mwave Discriminator will not route your telephone


If you answer a telephone call before the discriminator does, the discriminator will not do any
message routing. You can recover from this situation and make your application handle the call.
For example, you might answer a telephone call that is a fax message. You can manually direct
the incoming call to your fax application. To use this function when you receive an incoming
call, you must go to the Multimedia Modem Window and use the TO function. Select the
appropriate call type from the TO drop down menu. Then you can hang up the telephone, and
your application will handle the call.
NOTE: Manual discrimination only works with the telephone that is connected to your
multimedia Modem Plus. It does not work for extension telephones.
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