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IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual page 14

Ibm modem user manual
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6. Click on OK to install the Mwave software in the default directory or type a new directory
and click on OK. If the directory is not on your hard disk drive, click on YES to create it or
click on NO and type another directory name.
7. Insert OS/2 Disk 2 when prompted by the Setup program. Click on OK to continue.
8. When prompted, insert EMU Disk 1 and click on OK.
9. When you are prompted for the name of the MIDI Samples directory, click on OK to install
them in the default directory, or type another directory name and click on OK.
10. If you are asked if you want your OS/2 Mwave synthesizer to use the MIDI Samples, click
on YES.
11. When prompted, Insert EMU Disk 2 and click on OK.
12. When the install successful message is displayed, click on OK.
13. When you receive the message instructing you to run CONFIGO.EXE, note the directory
location and click on OK
IMPORTANT: Before shutting down OS/2 Warp, you must run the CONFIGO.EXE program
located in the C:\DSP2\MWOS2\BIN directory to reconfigure your operating system.
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