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Mwave Software Features; Before You Begin; Release Information - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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The Multimedia Modem Plus function is controlled by software downloaded to the DSP.
Important functions provided by the Mwave software include:
! Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster ADPCM, MIDI, and Sound Blaster Pro emulation device
! EMU sound samples
! MCI-standard compliant audio device driver
! Automatic 3-way incoming call discrimination
! Caller ID
! Fax and modem drivers with autostart capability and dynamic rate renegotiations to maintain
the highest possible speed by adjusting the transfer rate to compensate for telephone line
! User-level card diagnostics
! Enhanced Mwave Audio Mixer
! Telephone answering machine support
! Support for TAPI to allow compatibility with other applications that conform to TAPI
! Enhanced full-duplex speakerphone for clear two-way conversation while you work
! JPEG image viewer for viewing JPEG compressed image files (.JPG)


You might need information about the current system board settings and settings for other
options that are installed in your computer. Make sure you have access to the documentation that
comes with your computer and installed options.
Except for a standard screwdriver, everything you need to connect and begin using the
Multimedia Modem Plus is included in this package.


Read the Release Notes found in the Multimedia Modem Plus group in Windows or the
README file found in the Multimedia Modem Plus folder in OS/2 after you have completed the
software installation process. These files contain important information about using your
Multimedia Modem Plus that is not included in this User's Guide.
For additional information about installing and using the Multimedia Modem Plus that is not in
the README file or in this User's Guide, see
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