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Configuring Your Multimedia Modem Plus For Os/2 Warp - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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The configuration program CONFIGO.EXE is used to configure the Multimedia Modem Plus.
To configure the Multimedia Modem Plus for OS/2 Warp:
1. Open a DOS full screen session from the OS/2 Desktop.
2. At the command prompt, type:
CD\DSP2\MWOS2\BIN then press ENTER.
If you installed your software in a different directory, change to that directory.
3. To start the OS/2 configuration program, type CONFIGO at the command prompt and press
ENTER. Select OK using the ENTER key.
Use the ARROW > and TAB keys to move the cursor.
Your mouse does not work when you are running the CONFIGO.EXE program.
4. The CONFIGO.EXE program displays the default values to be used by your Multimedia
Modem Plus.
a. If you have Microsoft Windows installed, you need to make your OS/2 configuration
settings match the Windows configuration settings determined by the CONFIG.EXE
program. The Windows configuration settings are the settings you recorded when you
configured your computer under Windows.
b. If you do not have Windows installed you might have to change the default settings. If
you connected a CD-ROM to your modem you need to change the CD-ROM TYPE and
BASE I/O ADDRESS fields. If a CD-ROM base I/O address is part of your CD-ROM
driver statement in the OS/2 CONFIG.SYS file, make sure the CONFIGO CD-ROM
Base I/O Address in the list of settings matches the address in the CONFIG.SYS file.
Use an editor, such as the OS/2 System Editor to open your CONFIG.SYS file and check
the address.
c. If you are aware of a COM port, IRQ, or Base I/O address conflict then check the list of
valid settings that you recorded for the Multimedia Modem Plus. If you are not aware of
any conflicts, select EXIT and go to 6.
5. To change settings, select Setup and press ENTER.
Use the TAB key to highlight the setting you want to change. Press ENTER and choose
a value using the up and down arrow keys.
Press ENTER to accept the new value. When you finish changing the settings, select
OK. Then select EXIT to end the CONFIGO.EXE program.
Accept the changes and select YES to update the operating system files.
6. When the configuration for OS/2 is complete, remove the diskette, shutdown and restart your
NOTE: You must restart your computer when you change configuration settings using the
CONFIGO.EXE program.
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