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Using Ibm Wake-Up On Ring; Using Mwave Dsvd - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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To use Wake-Up on Ring, your computer must have the Rapid Resume and Wake-Up on Ring
capabilities. See the documentation that comes with your computer if you have any questions.
IBM Multimedia Modem Plus allows your computer to receive incoming voice, fax, or data calls
even if the computer is turned off or suspended. The incoming call activates the IBM
Multimedia Modem Plus message handling function.
To enable Wake-Up on Ring on computers that support this feature:
1. Enable Rapid Resume. Select the options you desire, such as automatic power off.
2. Enable the Wake-Up on Ring feature.
3. Open the fax application installed on your computer.
4. Ensure that your fax application is ready to receive a fax.
5. Power off the computer.


You can use the Mwave DSVD communication capability to carry on a conversation and share
data with another person at the same time over one telephone line. The IBM Multimedia Modem
Plus provides a voice over data function with the caller's computer system. With this capability
you can carry on a telephone conversation with a person at the same time you are sending data.
NOTE: The modem that you are connecting to must be another IBM Mwave Modem supporting
Use the following procedure to start a DSVD communication session. Steps 1 and 2 must be
completed by both parties.
1. Start your data communication or terminal software such as the QuickLink Message Center
On-Line terminal application.
NAVIGATE: Go to the QuickLink Message Center, and click on ON-LINE. You can also use
other terminal emulators such as the one that your system might provide.
The QuickLink Message Center On-Line Window displays.
2. To start a DSVD session, type the following AT command:
and press RETURN or ENTER. To find information on this and other AT commands,
"Using the Mwave Modem Command
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