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Audio Applications - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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2. If you have FaxWorks for OS/2 installed in your computer, modify your CONFIG.SYS file
using a text editor to add the information in parentheses to the following line in the
DEVICE=path....Fmd.sys (comport, comport address, comport irq)
Where path is the path to the FaxWorks subdirectory, comport is the communication port,
comport address is the communication port address, and comport irq is the communication
port interrupt request.
An example of an edited line is:
Where path is the communications application directory path.
The COM Port information is part of the information you recorded when you configured
your system. The information can also be copied from the following line in CONFIG.SYS:
Record the configuration information. You will need this information if you plan to install
Multimedia Modem Plus under OS/2 Warp and Windows in the same computer.


1. If a loud, squealing noise comes from the speakers, there is audio feedback coupling between
the microphone and speakers. Reorient the microphone so that it does not point directly
toward the speakers. You can also reduce the volume level of the speakers.
2. If you experience breakup of your audio signal, you may have a poorly behaved memory
cache controller. The cache controller my be grabbing the computer's memory bus and
preventing other memory controllers, such as the Multimedia Modem Plus DMA controller,
from gaining access to the bus for long periods of time. When this situation occurs with the
Multimedia Modem Plus, audio samples are not available to the DSP at the time they are
To correct this problem, run CONFIG or CONFIGO, select Setup, and change the DMA
Channel to 0. Check for conflicts by running Test with CONFIG, or by checking your
system for other devices that use DMA 0, before accepting the new setting.
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