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Playing A Cd; Using Dos Applications; Using The Fastcfg Screen - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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You provide the application to play or record audio sounds, such as the Media Player in your
Accessories program group or folder. When playing a CD, you should verify the following, as
1. Ensure that your CD-ROM is properly installed and the audio cable connected.
2. Ensure that the CD-ROM device drivers are loaded.
3. Ensure that the CD-ROM Base I/O address used by the Multimedia Modem Plus is the same
as the Base I/O address used by your CD-ROM device driver. If you have any problems, see
the documentation that comes with your operating system.
4. In Windows, ensure that the MCI CD Audio device driver is loaded. To check, open the
Control Panel in the Main program group. Double-click on DRIVERS and look for the MCI
CD Audio device driver in the list of Installed Drivers. If the device driver is not there, add it
to the list. For more information on adding device drivers to the system, see the
documentation that comes with your computer.



IBM Multimedia Modem Plus has the features of both a sound card and a modem that you can
use for DOS applications. It supports Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster Pro applications.
NAVIGATE: Exit Windows, go to the DOS prompt, type FASTCFG, and press ENTER.
The Fastcfg Screen displays:
The FASTCFG function allows you to control how the Multimedia Modem Plus supports your
DOS applications, and view your configuration settings. You can perform the following:
1. Select the Application Type that matches the DOS application you want to use. Each
Application Type is predefined with certain sound, music, and modem set up options. Select
the type that best matches the application you want to run by using the ARROW key to move
the cursor and press ENTER to make your selection:
Advanced Audio
Advanced Modem
For example, if you select Advanced Audio, you can use Sound Blaster (SB) Pro sound
emulation and play General MIDI music. If you select Telegame, you run the Multimedia
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