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Dtmf Code Discrimination - IBM 715 P/N - 13H6715 User Manual

Ibm modem user manual
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NOTE: This function is only available if you subscribe to Caller ID through your telephone
company. If you subscribe to this service, set the ring count to at least 2. This gives the
discriminator time to perform its function.


The DTMF codes allow the caller to manually discriminate the type of the incoming call. The
IBM Multimedia Modem Plus routes the call based on the code the caller enters. This is
particularly useful for receiving data calls.
To use the DTMF codes that you enter, record a message in your voice application prompting
your caller to enter a message type code for the different call-handling applications. For example
you might record the following in your message:
Hello, you have reached Elsa Smith. To leave a message, press asterisk 1. To send a file,
press asterisk 2. To send a fax, press asterisk 3.
If your caller presses asterisk 3, the Mwave Discriminator then knows to route this call to the fax
application. For you to complete this set up, you must also record the same codes in in the Select
DTMF Codes Window.
NAVIGATE: From the Mwave Discriminator, go to the Options drop down menu and click on
The Select DTMF Codes for Call Types Window displays.
To prepare the Mwave Discriminator for DTMF Codes:
Type the same call type code that you use in your voice application message.
Click on the DISCRIMINATE USING DTMF CODES or the blank space next to it to enable
the DTMF discrimination.
Type the discriminator wait time. Make the time at least 15 seconds to allow your caller
sufficient time to hear your greeting and press a number.
Click on OK.
When you use the DTMF Code function, all callers must enter a DTMF code before the Mwave
Discriminator routes a call.
The time you give the caller to respond also gives you time to recover if you answer a call before
the discriminator routes the call. During this time, you can use the manual discrimination with
the TO function to route the incoming message to your application.
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