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Motion Detector - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Motion Detector

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Fig. 37
Motion Detector setup screen.
Your DVR has built-in video motion detector. Video motion detection can be
turned On or Off for each camera.
Highlighting the box under the Sensitivity heading allows you to adjust the DVR's
sensitivity to motion. There are five settings with 1 being the least sensitive and 5
being the most sensitive.
You can adjust the minimum number of detection blocks that must be activated to
trigger a motion alarm. Highlight a box under the Min Size heading and adjust the
number. The smaller the number, fewer detection blocks must be activated and
therefore more sensitive.
Turning the View setting On will allow you to observe how the DVR is reacting to
motion. When in the motion viewing mode, the detection zone of video will be
displayed in green. Any detected motion within the zone will be displayed in red.
You can define the area of the image where you want to detect motion; e.g., a
doorway. Highlight the icon under the Zone heading, and press the
Motion Detection Zone screen will display.
Fig. 38
Motion Detection Zone screen.
button. The



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