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Enter Button; Up, Down, Left, Right Arrow Buttons; Turning On The Power; Initial Unit Setup - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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3.1.19 Enter Button

3.1.20 Up, Down, Left, Right Arrow Buttons


Turning on the Power


Initial Unit Setup

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(Enter) button selects a highlighted item or completes an entry that you
have made. It also sets or releases active cameo mode in the live or playback
These buttons are used to navigate through menus and Graphic User Interface
(GUI). They are also used to control Pan and Tilt when in the PTZ mode. The
arrow buttons can be used to move the position of the active cameo screen, and
also move through screen pages.
Connecting the power cord to the DVR turns on the unit. The unit will take
approximately 60 seconds to initialize.
Before using your DVR for the first time, you will want to establish the initial
settings. This includes items such as time and date, display language, camera,
audio, remote control, record mode, network and password. Your DVR can be set
up using various screens and dialog boxes.
Press the Menu button to enter the setup screens. The Admin Password screen
Fig. 18
Admin Password screen.
Enter the password by pressing the appropriate combination of Camera number
buttons and then the Enter button. The factory default password is 4321. There
are two Setup screens: Quick Setup and Normal Setup. The factory default is the
Quick Setup screen.
The setup screens can also be accessed by entering the User password if the User password is
turned on. However, only access to the Clip Copy and Password setup screens is permitted.



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