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Sequence Button; Display Button; Ptz Button; Freeze Button - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Sequence Button


Display Button


PTZ Button


Freeze Button


Alarm Button

3.1.10 Spot Button

3.1.11 Menu Button

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When in the live mode, pressing the Sequence button displays another full live
channel sequentially. When in one of the multi-view formats, pressing this button
will cause the DVR to sequence cameras in two sequence modes: "Page" and
"Cameo". In the Page mode, the DVR sequences through user-defined screen
layouts (pages). In the Cameo mode, the bottom, right screen to display live
cameras sequentially. Pressing the Sequence button while in the Sequence mode
will exit the Sequence mode. Zooms Out in PTZ mode.
Pressing the Display button toggles between different display formats. The
available formats are: full, 4 x 4, 3 x 3, 2 x 2 and PIP. Zooms In in PTZ mode.
Pressing the PTZ button opens a Pan/Tilt/Zoom screen which allows you to control
properly configured cameras.
Pressing the Freeze button freezes the current live screen. Used for near Focus in
the PTZ mode.
The Alarm button has two functions. First, it will reset the DVR's outputs including
the internal buzzer during an alarm. Second, it will display the event log when you
are in the live monitoring mode unless there is an active alarm. This operation can
be user password protected. Used for far Focus in PTZ mode.
Pressing the Spot button and pressing the individual camera buttons displays the
selected camera on the spot monitor. For the sequence display on the spot
monitor, press the Spot button and then Sequence button. Saves Presets in PTZ
Pressing the Menu button enters the Quick Setup screen. You will need to enter
the administrator password to access the Quick Setup. Pressing the button also
closes the current menu or setup dialog box. Pressing the MENU button displays
the Search menu while in the Playback mode. Pressing the button again closes
the Search menu. Loads a Preset View in PTZ mode.



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