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Appendix C - Troubleshooting - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Appendix C — Troubleshooting
Appendix C — Troubleshooting
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No Power
No Live Video
Live Video Very Bright
REC LED is Lit but DVR is
not recording
DVR has stopped
DVR displays an error
message stating that the
last recorded image date
and time is later than the
current date and time
setting of the DVR.
Possible Solution
Check power cord connections.
Confirm that there is power at the outlet.
Check camera video cable and connections.
Check monitor video cable and connections.
Confirm that the camera has power.
Check camera lens settings.
If a cable is attached to the "Loop" connector, make certain it is
connected to a properly terminated device.
Unit will only record video based on the parameters such as
schedule and events defined during configuration. REC LED
indicates the DVR is ready to record.
If hard disk drive is full, you will either need to delete video or set the
DVR to the Overwrite Mode.
The DVR will automatically reset the time and date of the unit,
according to the time and date of the last recorded image. If this is
not the correct time and date, reset the time and date manually. If
the correct time and date is earlier than the last recorded image, any
video with a later time and date will be lost when resetting the correct
time and date.



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