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Operation; Turning On The Power; Live Monitoring - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Turning on the Power


Live Monitoring

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This chapter assumes your DVR has been installed and configured. If it has not, please refer to
Chapters 2 and 3.
The DVR's controls are similar to a VCR. As with a VCR, the main functions are
recording and playing back video. However, you have much greater control over
recording and playing back video. You can establish recording schedules based
on time of day and day of the week. The DVR allows you to search through the
recorded video using much more sophisticated tools than those available with
VCRs. Additional DVR features that are not available with VCRs are remote
control and viewing, and recording video at the same time you are watching
previously recorded video.
The front panel controls are described in Chapter 3 — Configuration.
Once you have installed the DVR following the instructions in Chapter 2 —
Installation, it is ready to record. Plugging in the power cord will cause unit to go
through its self-diagnostics.
As soon as the DVR completes its initialization process, it will begin showing live
video on the attached monitor and playing live audio through the attached speaker.
The default mode is to display all cameras at once. Pressing any camera button
will cause that camera to display full screen. It displays live video and plays live
audio until the user enters another mode.
Pressing the Display button cycles the DVR through the different display formats.
Pressing the Sequence button will cause the cameras to display sequentially on
the monitor. When in one of the multi-view formats, pressing this button will cause
the DVR to through user-defined screen layouts (page sequence), or the bottom,
right screen to display live cameras sequentially (cameo sequence). Selecting
another display mode, or pressing the Sequence button again will exit the
Sequence mode. When in one of the multi-view formats, pressing the Left or Right
arrow buttons will cause the DVR to go to the previous or the next page. For
example, if you press the Right arrow button while in 4x4 format, the DVR changes
the page as follows:
Pressing the Freeze button will freeze the current image on the screen until you
press the button again.



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