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Time-Lapse Recording Schedule - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Time-Lapse Recording Schedule

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Highlight the box under Quality and press the
appears. You can select from Very High, High, Standard and Low image quality.
All other variables being equal; Very High will require 600% more hard disk
space than Standard, High will require 250% more, and Low 30% less.
Higher quality images require more storage space and will reduce the recording capacity of the hard
disk drive.
You can set the maximum amount of time-lapse video to be stored. Once the DVR
reaches this amount, it will start recording over the oldest time-lapse video. The
time-lapse video is stored separate from Event video.
When Keep the continuous pictures is set to On, you can set the time from 1 Hour
to the maximum allowed by the storage capacity of your hard disk drive.
The maximum storage time is only an estimate because the amount of space required to store video
varies depending on many factors such as motion and image complexity.
Fig. 46
Time-Lapse Recording Schedule screen.
You can program the DVR to record only during certain times based on time, day
of the week, and holidays. The smallest time segment you can use is 30 minutes.
A blue rectangle indicates the DVR is set to record during those 30 minutes. When
there is no rectangle, the DVR will not record during those 30 minutes.
There are several ways to set recording times:
You can highlight an individual block and toggle it On or Off by pressing the
You can change a 30-minute segment for all days by placing the cursor on the
time line and pressing the
You can change an entire day by placing the cursor on the day of the week and
pressing the
button to toggle the day On or Off.
You can change the entire calendar by placing the cursor in the upper left-hand
box (above "S" and to the left of the time line) and pressing the
toggle the entire calendar On and Off.
button. A drop-down list
button to toggle the segment On or Off.
button to



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