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Password Setup Screen - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Password Setup Screen

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An Administrator password is required to turn the system off, enter the setup
screen, load default setups, clear all data, change system date and time and
change the Administrator password. A User password is required to enter the
playback, fast forward playback and fast backward playback modes from the live
monitoring mode. A User password is also required to enter the search menu
screen in the live monitoring mode, enter setup screen (access to only the Clip
Copy and Password setup screens). When pressing the ALARM button to display
the event log in the live monitoring mode unless there is an active alarm, a User
password is also required. Highlight Password in the Main menu and press to
enter the Password screen.
Fig. 65
Password setup screen.
Highlight the box beside User and press the
Off. If the password is set to On, you will be asked to enter the current password
so that you can turn it Off. If the password is set to Off, you will be asked to enter
the new password and to confirm it before it will be turned on.
The Administrator password cannot be turned On and Off. You can change the
Administrator password by first entering the current password, entering a new
password and finally confirming the new password.
To change the password, highlight the Password box and press the
window appears asking you to enter the current password. If you enter the correct
password, another window appears asking you to enter a new password using the
camera buttons. After you press the
you to confirm the new password.
The Admin and User passwords are composed of up to eight digits using the camera buttons. The
default Admin password is: 4321.
Write down the new password and save it in a secure place. If the password is
forgotten, the unit must be reset using the Factory Reset Button and all data
settings will be lost.
button to toggle between On and
button, another screen appears asking
button. A



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