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Clip Copy - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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3.12.2 Clip Copy

Siemens Building Technologies
Fire & Security Products
The Clip Copy screen can be used to copy video clips to an external USB hard disk
drive, CD-RW drive or flash drive. The copied clips can be viewed on computers
running Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP. Refer to the Appendix A — USB
Hard Disk Drive Preparation for information on preparing the external drive for clip
Fig. 70
Clip Copy screen.
To select the data source to back up, highlight the first box on the top and press
button. A drop-down list of available data source appears. You can select
from Local or Archive.
To select the type of the USB drive to use for clip copy, highlight the box on the top
and press the
button. A drop-down list of USB drives appears. You can select
from USB HDD or USB CD-RW. Placing a checkmark in the Audio box copies
recorded audio with video.
To copy clips using the USB CD-RW there must be two of fewer external SCSI hard disk drives
connected to the DVR.
You can define how much video to copy changing the start and end times and
dates. You can also select which camera you wish to copy.
Highlight the File Name box and press the
Enter a file name for the video you are copying and select Close. The DVR will
automatically add the camera number (for example "01") and ".exe" to the file
name. If you want to save the file in a specific folder, enter the folder name
followed by a "/". For example: "folder/filename"
Once you have given the video a file name, highlight the Start button and press the
button to start clip copy.
When you select the USB CD-RW, the DVR will display the drive capacity, the clip
size and ask if you want to continue.
When more than two USB hard disk drives are installed on the DVR, the following
USB Device Selection screen appears. Select the drive to use for clip copy and
press the
button. Selecting Return to Clip Copy Menu and pressing the
button. A virtual keyboard appears.



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