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Alarm In Setup Screen - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Alarm In Setup Screen

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You can assign titles to each camera by highlighting the camera title box and
pressing the
button. A virtual keyboard allows you to enter camera names.
Selecting the PTZ Device box causes a list of controllable cameras to display.
Select your camera from the list and press the
the camera to the RS485 terminal on the back of the DVR following the camera
manufacturer's instructions.
Fig. 35
PTZ Device list.
You can assign IDs to each camera by highlighting the ID heading and pressing
button. Change the number by highlighting it and using the Up and Down
arrow buttons to increase and decrease the number. The PTZ ID number can be
set from 0 to 256.
Highlight Alarm In in the Main menu and press the
screen appears.
Fig. 36
Alarm In setup screen.
The alarm terminal strip on the back of the DVR has inputs associated with each
alarm. You can set up each input on the Alarm In Setup screen. The inputs are
displayed in groups of four. You can turn each input On or Off. Each input can be
given a title, and the inputs can be set as NO (normally open) or NC (normally
closed) independently.
button. You will need to connect
button. The Alarm In setup



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