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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Feed Clutch Adjustment

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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feed clutch
this lathe is equipped with a feed rod clutch,
shown in figure 106, that connects the feed drive
hub with the feed rod through a set of spring-
loaded internal discs. this clutch helps protect
the apron feed system from overload. the feed
rod clutch comes set from the factory, and unless
there is a problem, it needs no adjustment.
1 of 2 lock screws
drive hub
figure 106. Feed rod clutch.
the clutch may slip if the path for the carriage
or the cross feed is obstructed during turning
or facing operations, the tool bit crashes into
a workpiece shoulder, the carriage lock is left
applied when the feed selection lever is engaged,
or if too deep of a cut is taken, causing a sudden
binding of the tool and workpiece.
it is imperative to recognize however, the clutch
is not a foolproof way of protecting your lathe
from damage if an operational mistake is made, a
chuck-carriage crash occurs, or general machine
overloading occur on a regular basis.
never completely tighten the feed clutch spanner
nut past its normal setting outlined in this proce-
dure in an attempt to completely eliminate clutch
slip. doing so will void the warranty, and can lead
to a non-slipping clutch, resulting in catastrophic
gearbox damage.
Feed rod
spanner nut
with 1/8" pin
Tools Needed
standard #1 screwdriver ................................... 1
Adjustable spanner Wrench with
To adjust the feed rod clutch:
disConneCt lAthe FroM poWer!
rotate the feed rod hub shown in figure 106
to access and remove the two lock screws.
engage the apron longitudinal feed selection
lever and the gearbox and headstock levers
so the feed rod does not move.
—if the clutch slips during normal work
loads and no problem exists with the feed
system, the clutch spring pressure must
be increased. using the spanner wrench,
tighten the spanner nut
for slippage.
—if for any reason the clutch is bound
up or locked, and does not slip when it
should, the clutch spring pressure must be
reduced. using the spanner wrench, loos-
en the spanner nut
—if the clutch was dissembled or replaced
for any reason, use the spanner wrench to
tighten the spanner nut until a noticeable
increase in torque is felt in the wrench. the
increase will be quite abrupt. At this point,
stop and install the lock screws.
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)
" pins ........ 1
-turn and recheck
-turn, and recheck for


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