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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Gib Adjustments

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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Gib Adjustments

the cross-slide and compound slide on this lathe
each use a long steel wedge called a gib that
is positioned between the component and its
dovetailed-ways. At the end of each gib is a gib
screw one of which is shown in figure 97. the
screws at each end of the gib oppose one another
to move and hold the gib in a forward or aft posi-
tion. depending which direction the gib is moved
and held, the space between the sliding ways is
increased or decreased to control the rigidity of
the cross slide and compound slide.
Before adjusting gibs, consider the lathe opera-
tion that you will perform because the cross slide
and compound rest leadscrew nuts may also have
to be adjusted.
For heavy turning and facing loads, tighten
gibs for maximum rigidity, and loosen the
leadscrew nuts for shock loading protection.
For high-tolerance turning and facing, and
light-loads, loosen the gibs to allow for small
slide movements without binding or tool bit
leap, and tighten the leadscrew nuts for fine
handwheel control.
Most lathe operations exist between the two
examples above. Finding the optimum combina-
tion for your requirements may take practice, and
trial and error before you are satisfied.
When adjusting gibs, keep in mind that the
goal of gib adjustment is to remove unnec-
essary sloppiness from the slide without
causing binding and excessive half nut
Tip: The compound and cross slide gibs have a
gib lock screw that are shown in Figures 97 –98.
This screw allows the machinist to quickly tighten
the locks to hold a gib and slide in a rigid position
without having to tighten the gibs. When finished
with the need for increased rigidity, the gibs then
are quickly unloaded back to their normal state by
loosening the screw.
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)
Tools Needed
standard screwdriver #2 ................................... 1
Wrench 10mm ................................................... 1
hex Wrench 3mm .............................................. 1
cross Slide Gib
Make sure the ways and leadscrew have been
cleaned and re-lubricated before beginning any
adjustments. refer to ball Oiler Lubrication on
page 54 for instructions and lubricant specifica-
To adjust the cross slide gib:
disConneCt lAthe FroM poWer!
loosen the gib lock shown in figure 97.
Front gib screw
Front end of gib
figure 97. Cross slide gib components.
loosen gib screw and adjust as required.
—to increase the slide tension, loosen the
rear gib screw
gib screw
—to decrease the slide tension, loosen the
front gib screw
gib screw
repeat adjustments as necessary until the
gib screw drag is acceptable.
slide gib
-turn, and tighten the front
-turn, and tighten the rear


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