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Grizzly G0745 Owner's Manual

4" x 6" micro metal lathe.
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(For models manufactured since 11/13)
Copyright © NoVEMBEr, 2013 By grizzly iNdustrial, iNC.
#BltsdM16121 priNtEd iN ChiNa


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  • Page 1

    (For models manufactured since 11/13) Copyright © NoVEMBEr, 2013 By grizzly iNdustrial, iNC. WARNING: NO pORTION Of THIS MANuAL MAy bE REpRODuCED IN ANy SHApE OR fORM WITHOuT THE WRITTEN AppROvAL Of GRIzzLy INDuSTRIAL, INC. #BltsdM16121 priNtEd iN ChiNa V1.11.13...

  • Page 2

    This manual provides critical safety instructions on the proper setup, operation, maintenance, and service of this machine/tool. Save this document, refer to it often, and use it to instruct other operators. Failure to read, understand and follow the instructions in this manual may result in fire or serious personal injury—including amputation, electrocution, or death.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents INTRODuCTION ..........2 Center ............25 Machine description ........2 Mounting Center in tailstock ........Contact info............ 2 Mounting Workpiece Between Centers ..... Manual accuracy ........... 2 Carriage & slide locks ........ 26 identification ........... 3 tool post ............26 Controls &...

  • Page 4: Introduction

    We want your feedback on this manual. What did Manufacture date you like about it? Where could it be improved? Please take a few minutes to give us feedback. serial Number Grizzly Documentation Manager P.O. Box 2069 Bellingham, WA 98227-2069 Email: Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 5: Identification

    DO NOT injured. Do not operate this machine until connect power until instructed to do so you have understood this entire manual later in this manual. and received proper training. Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 6: Controls & Components

    D. Emergency Stop button: Cuts power to K. Cross Slide Handwheel: Moves the tool motor and electrical controls when pressed. toward and away from the workpiece. remains depressed until reset by twisting clockwise. Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 7: Glossary Of Terms

    Become familiar with these terms for assembling, adjusting or operating this machine. your safety is vERy important to us at grizzly! Arbor: a machine shaft that supports a cutting facing: in lathe work, cutting across the end of tool.

  • Page 8: Machine Data Sheet

    MACHINE DATA SHEET Customer Service #: (570) 546-9663 · To Order Call: (800) 523-4777 · Fax #: (800) 438-5901 MODEL G0745 4" X 6" MICRO METAL LATHE Product Dimensions: Weight................................31 lbs. Width (side-to-side) x Depth (front-to-back) x Height............16-1/4 x 11-1/2 x 11-1/2 in.

  • Page 9

    The information contained herein is deemed accurate as of 11/19/2013 and represents our most recent product specifications. Model G0745 PAGE 2 OF 2 Due to our ongoing improvement efforts, this information may not accurately describe items previously purchased. Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 10: Section 1: Safety

    Everyday ery. Never operate under the influence of drugs or eyeglasses are Not approved safety glasses. alcohol, when tired, or when distracted. Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 11

    Contact our debris. Make sure they are properly installed, technical support at (570) 546-9663. undamaged, and working correctly. Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 12: Additional Safety For Metal Lathes

    Never exceed rate rpM of the chuck. -10- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 13: Section 2: Power Supply

    -11- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 14: Grounding & Plug Requirements

    Two-prong outlets do not meet the grounding requirements for this machine. Do not modify or use an adapter on the plug provided—if it will not fit the outlet, have a qualified electrician install the proper outlet with a verified ground. -12- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 15: Section 3: Setup

    When you are completely satisfied with the condi- tion of your shipment, inventory the contents. SUFFOCATION HAZARD! Keep children and pets away from plastic bags or packing materials shipped with this machine. Discard immediately. -13- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 16: Inventory

    9. loose inventory items. H. Wrench 5.5 x 7mm open-Ends ....1 phillips head screwdriver #1...... 1 hex Wrenches 3, 4, 5mm .....1 Ea. K. Center ............1 L. replacement Fuse 2a ........ 1 -14- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 17: Cleanup

    10. t23692 orange power degreaser. off the rest with the rag. repeat Steps 2–3 as necessary until clean, then coat all unpainted surfaces with a quality metal protectant to prevent rust. -15- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 18: Site Considerations

    Only install in an Shadows, glare, or strobe effects that may distract access restricted location. or impede the operator must be eliminated. 23" Access Lathe Door Keep 13.5" Workpiece Loading Area Unobstructed figure 11. Minimum working clearances. -16- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 19: Assembly

    Serious injury or death can result from figure 13. Chuck guard installed. using this machine bEfORE understanding its controls and related safety information. DO NOT operate, or allow others to operate, machine until the information is understood. -17- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 20: Recommended Adjustments

    • Cross slide and carriage backlash (see page you face the lathe. 35). • gib (see page 36). -18- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 21: Section 4: Operations

    Read books/magazines or get formal training before beginning any proj- ects. Regardless of the content in this sec- tion, Grizzly Industrial will not be held liable for accidents caused by lack of training. -19- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 22: Chuck & Faceplate Mounting

    (not included) with slots for t-bolts that hold standard or custom clamping hardware. With the correct clamping hardware, a faceplate offers a wide range of uses, including machining non- concentric workpieces, straight turning between centers, and boring. -20- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 23: Chuck Installation & Removal

    -21- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 24: Reversing Jaws

    Each end of a jaw is stamped with a number (1, 2, or 3), as shown in figure 19. use mineral spirits to clean debris and grime from jaws and chuck jaw guides. figure 19. Numbers stamped into each end of jaws. -22- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 25: Scroll Chuck Clamping

    Gear Shallow tion. Engagement Bar Stock Unsafe Jaw Position CORRECT INCORRECT Unsafe Jaw Position Safer Inside Jaw Use Cylinder Poor Scroll CORRECT Gear Engagement INCORRECT figure 22. Jaw selection and workpiece holding. -23- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 26: Tailstock

    Quill Quill lock tighten the quick lock screw to secure the handwheel screw quill. Quill tailstock lock screw figure 23. tailstock controls and features. Tools Needed to Make Adjustments: hex Wrench 5mm ..........1 -24- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 27: Center

    Nlgi#2 grease, then insert it into the tailstock quill. seat the center into the quill during workpiece installation by rotating the quill handwheel clockwise to apply pressure against the workpiece. -25- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 28: Carriage & Slide Locks

    (e.g., 2.5 x 0.5" = 1.25"). Firmly secure the cutting tool with both tool post screws. Check and adjust the tip of the cutting tool to the spindle centerline, as instructed in the next subsection. -26- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 29: Aligning Cutting Tool With Spindle Centerline

    • align the tip of the cutting tool with a tailstock center, as instructed in the following proce- dure. (Side View) figure 30. Cutting tool aligned to the tailstock center. -27- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 30: Manual Feed

    Cross slide Carriage handwheel handwheel figure 31. Manual handwheel controls. -28- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 31: Spindle Speed

    33. spindle speed dial location. a recommended cutting speed is an ideal speed for cutting a type of material in order to produce the desired finish and optimize tool life. -29- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 32: Section 5: Accessories

    ⁄ ". To reduce this risk, only install accessories recommended for this machine by Grizzly. NOTICE Refer to our website or latest catalog for additional recommended accessories. D2056—Woodstock Tool Table...

  • Page 33: Section 6: Maintenance

    "0", and press the emergency stop button (to prevent accidental startup). • Vacuum/clean all chips and swarf from bed and slides. • Wipe down all unpainted or machined sur- faces with an oiled rag. -31- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 34: Lubrication

    Lubrication Leadscrews oil type ..grizzly sB1365 or iso 68 Equivalent oil amount ......... as Needed lubrication Frequency ......... daily the lathe has metal-to-metal sliding surfaces that require regular lubrication to maintain smooth Before lubricating the longitudinal and cross slide movement and ensure long-lasting operation.

  • Page 35: Section 7: Service

    2. sharpen tooling or select a better tool for the intended operation. 3. tool height not at spindle centerline. 3. adjust tool height to spindle centerline (page 27). 4. too much play in gib. 4. tighten gib (page 36). -33- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 36

    5. use the recommended spindle speed and feed rate. Chuck jaws will 1. Chips lodged in the jaws or scroll plate. 1. remove jaws, clean and lubricate scroll plate and not move or do not jaws, then replace jaws. move easily. -34- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 37: Backlash Adjustment

    0.002"–0.003" as indicated on the graduated dial. if you end up adjusting the nut too tight, loosen the screw, turn the handwheel back and forth until it turns freely—then try again. -35- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 38: Gib Adjustment

    When you are satisfied with the gib adjust- ment, keep the set screws from moving and re-tighten the hex nuts to secure the settings. re-check the movement of the slide and, if necessary, repeat Steps 2–4. -36- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 39: Replacing V-belt

    41 on page 36. re-install the fuse holder. Carefully roll the V-belt off of the pulleys. install a new V-belt, then tension it as described on page 36. -37- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 40: Brush Replacement

    (see figure 44). backsplash. Brush Caps figure 44. location of motor brush caps (backsplash removed). -38- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 41: Section 8: Wiring

    Technical source. Support at (570) 546-9663. The photos and diagrams included in this section are best viewed in color. You can view these pages in color at -39- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 42: Control Panel Wiring

    Control panel Wiring To Circuit Board Control Panel (Backside View) Fuse WH24-2 Z4K7 Fault Variable Speed JHK16-822 Limit Switch SE4TB5 Power 5A250V Emergency Stop figure 46. Control panel wiring. READ ELECTRICAL SAFETY -40- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13) ON PAGE 39!

  • Page 43: Circuit Board Wiring

    Circuit board Wiring Neutral 110 VAC 5-15 Plug Ground Motor To Control Panel (see figure 47 on page 42) Front View of Board -41- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 44

    47. Circuit board. -42- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 45: Section 9: Parts

    Note: We do our best to stock replacement parts whenever possible, but we cannot guarantee that all parts shown here are available for purchase. Call (800) 523-4777 or visit our online parts store at to check for availability.

  • Page 46: Headstock & Motor

    P0745109 FINGER-HOLE COVER P0745049 MOTOR PULLEY P0745124 MOTOR BRUSH CAP P0745050 LOCK WASHER 6MM P0745125 FUSE 2A F2AL250V (GLASS) P0745051 CAP SCREW M5-.8 X 20 P0745134 CARBON BRUSH 2-PC SET P0745052 FLAT WASHER 5MM -44- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 47: Carriage & Tailstock

    P0745089 TAILSTOCK CLAMP PLATE P0745130 HEX WRENCH 5MM P0745090 TAILSTOCK CASTING P0745131 HEX WRENCH 4MM P0745091 SET SCREW M5-.8 X 8 P0745132 HEX WRENCH 3MM P0745092 SET SCREW M4-.7 X 16 P0745133 DEAD CENTER -45- Model G0745 (Mfg. Since 11/13)

  • Page 48: Machine Labels & Cosmetics

    Safety labels help reduce the risk of serious injury caused by machine hazards. If any label comes off or becomes unreadable, the owner of this machine MUST replace it in the original location before resuming operations. For replacements, contact (800) 523-4777 or -46-...

  • Page 49: Warranty Card

    Would you recommend Grizzly Industrial to a friend? _____ Yes _____No Would you allow us to use your name as a reference for Grizzly customers in your area? Note: We never use names more than 3 times. _____ Yes _____No 10.

  • Page 50

    FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE Place Stamp Here GRIZZLY INDUSTRIAL, INC. P.O. BOX 2069 BELLINGHAM, WA 98227-2069 FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE Send a Grizzly Catalog to a friend: Name_______________________________ Street_______________________________ City______________State______Zip______ TAPE ALONG EDGES--PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE...

  • Page 51: Warranty & Returns

    WARRANTy & RETuRNS Grizzly Industrial, Inc. warrants every product it sells for a period of 1 year to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs or alterations or lack of maintenance.

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