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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Chuck & Faceplate Removal/installation

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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chuck & faceplate
this lathe is shipped with a 3-jaw chuck installed,
but also includes a 4-jaw chuck and 12" faceplate.
the chucks and faceplate mount to the spindle
with a d1-5 camlock system, which uses a key to
loosen and tighten camlocks for removal or instal-
lation (see figure 18).
figure 18. Chuck key positioned to remove a
typical camlock mounted chuck.
Before the 4-jaw chuck and faceplate can be
installed on the spindle, their respective cam
studs must be installed and adjusted.
to maintain consistent removal and installation
of the chucks and faceplate, each should have a
timing mark that can be lined up with a matching
one on the spindle, so it will be installed in the
same position every time (see figure 19). Before
removing the 3-jaw chuck, verify that a timing
mark exists. if a mark cannot be found, stamp
your own on both the chuck and spindle.
figure 19. Chuck/spindle timing marks.
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)
chuck & faceplate Removal
disConneCt lAthe FroM poWer!
lay a chuck cradle (see figure 20) or a layer
of plywood over the bedways to protect the
precision ground surfaces from damage and
to prevent fingers from being pinched.
figure 20. simple chuck cradle made of scrap
pINcH HAzARD! protect your hands and
the precision ground bedways with plywood
or a chuck cradle when removing the lathe
chuck! The heavy weight of a falling chuck
can cause serious injury.
loosen the cam-locks by turning the key
counterclockwise approximately one-third of
a turn until the mark on the cam-lock aligns
with the single mark on the spindle nose in
figure 21. if the cam-lock stud does not
freely release from the cam-lock, wiggle the
cam-lock until the cam-lock stud releases.
Note: These cam-locks may be very tight. A
breaker bar may be used to add leverage.


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