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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Live Center; Removing Center From Tailstock; Removing Center From Spindle

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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carbide-Tipped Dead center
When the workpiece is supported at the tailstock
end of the lathe, the workpiece will spin on the tip
of the fixed center. to eliminate the tip of the cen-
ter from wearing out at this point of contact, the
carbide-tipped center is used. nevertheless, dur-
ing turning operations this tip must still be lubri-
cated vigilantly, or the workpiece will wear, result-
ing in increased end play and poor turning results.
typically, when using centers, the tailstock quill
should be locked and protrude at least
more than 3".

Live center

if the workpiece must be spun at higher speeds,
the live center is inserted into the tailstock (see
figure 34). unlike a dead center, the tip of the live
center is supported with precision bearings that
allow it to support and spin with the workpiece.
As a result, virtually no wear occurs, and the
workpiece can be turned with less concern about
developing end play from tip wear. however,
when using live centers, accuracy can suffer as
a result of having bearings support the end of the
figure 34. live center installed in a tailstock.
Installing center in Tailstock
Center drill the end of the workpiece to be
turned or threaded.
Feed the quill out about 1", wipe clean and
insert the center into the quill bore (see
figure 35). to help prevent wear, place a
dab of grease on the point of the center.
To install a center into the tailstock:
Carbide-tipped solid dead
figure 35. inserting a carbide-tipped dead
", but not
position the tailstock so the center presses
against the workpiece, then lock the tailstock
in place.
preload the quill into the workpiece. the
force against the workpiece will fully seat the
tapered center.
lock the quill into place. however, keep in
mind that the quill may need to be adjust-
ed during operation to remove any play
that develops between the center and the
To install a center into the tailstock:

Removing center from Tailstock

to remove a center, hold the end of the center
with a rag to prevent it from falling, and reverse
the handwheel until the center is pressed free.
Installing center in Spindle
install the dead center into the spindle
install the sleeve into the spindle bore.
determine whether to use the chuck or face-
plate, and install the required unit.
Clamp the required lathe dog onto the
workpiece and mount the workpiece between
the lathe centers.

Removing center from Spindle

to remove a center and sleeve, hold the end of
the center with a rag to prevent it from falling,
insert a wooden rod into the outboard side of the
spindle, and tap the center and sleeve free.
center in the tailstock.
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)


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