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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Additional Chuck Safety

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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ENTANGLEMENT. entanglement with a rotat-
ing chuck can lead to death, amputation, broken
bones, or other serious injury. never attempt to
slow or stop the lathe chuck by hand, and always
roll up long sleeves, tie back long hair, and remove
any jewelry or loose apparel BeFore operating.
cHUcK SpEED RATING. excessive spindle
speeds greatly increase the risk of the workpiece
or chuck being thrown from the machine with
deadly force. never use spindle speeds faster than
the chuck rpM rating or the safe limits of your
USING cORREcT EQUIpMENT. Many workpiec-
es can only be safely turned in a lathe if additional
support equipment, such as a tailstock or steady/
follow rest, is used. if the operation is too hazard-
ous to be completed with the lathe or existing
equipment, the operator must have enough experi-
ence to know when to use a different machine or
find a safer way.
TRAINED OpERATORS ONLy. using a chuck
incorrectly can result in workpieces coming loose
at high speeds and striking the operator or bystand-
ers with deadly force. to reduce the risk of this haz-
ard, read and understand this document and seek
additional training from an experienced chuck user
before using a chuck.

Additional chuck Safety

cHUcK cApAcITy. Avoid exceeding the capacity
of the chuck by clamping an oversized workpiece.
if the workpiece is too large to safely clamp with
the chuck, use a faceplate or a larger chuck if pos-
sible. otherwise, the workpiece could be thrown
from the lathe during operation, resulting in serious
impact injury or death.
cLAMpING fORcE. inadequate clamping force
can lead to the workpiece being thrown from the
chuck and striking the operator or bystanders.
Maximum clamping force is achieved when the
chuck is properly maintained and lubricated, all
jaws are fully engaged with the workpiece, and
the maximum chuck clamping diameter is not
pROpER MAINTENANcE. All chucks must be
properly maintained and lubricated to achieve
maximum clamping force and withstand the rigors
of centrifugal force. to reduce the risk of a thrown
workpiece, follow all maintenance intervals and
instructions in this document.
DIScONNEcT pOWER. serious entanglement or
impact injuries could occur if the lathe is started
while you are adjusting, servicing, or installing the
chuck. Always disconnect the lathe from power
before performing these procedures.
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)


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