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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Three-jaw Chuck

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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Three-Jaw chuck

this section outlines basic operation safety related
to using the 3-jaw chuck included with your lathe.
use knowledge of safety and common sense
when applying the steps on how to use this chuck.
if you have any questions, feel free to contact our
technical support department.
the 3-jaw chuck shipped with this late has a two-
piece reversible jaw design. An internal scroll-
gear, moves all jaws in unison when adjusted. this
chuck will hold cylindrical parts on-center with the
axis of spindle rotation, and can be spun at high
speeds if the workpiece is properly clamped and
is balanced. if a workpiece must be held from the
inside, rotate all three of the two-piece jaws 180°
so the orientation of all jaws match. Otherwise
the chuck will spin out of balance an create an
extreme thrown workpiece hazard!
Reversing Jaw positions & clamping
a Workpiece
figure 25 shows a typical example of clamping
options available with a 3-jaw chuck. the chuck
included with this lathe has reversible jaws, which
means the lower jaw or master jaw do not need to
be removed to reverse the jaw position. instead,
the top jaw is fastened to the master jaw with
cap screws that when removed allow for top jaw
reversal. it is a good practice to keep the top jaws
matched with their original master jaw, to ensure
maximum quality of alignment and exact fit.
Clamping on an Outside Diameter
Clamping in an Inside Diameter
figure 25. three-jaw chuck od & id clamping.
To use the 3-jaw chuck:
disConneCt lAthe FroM poWer!
remove the cap screws that retain the top
portion of one of the jaws (see figure 26),
and remove the jaw.
figure 26. reversing the chuck jaws.
Making sure the longer cap screw remains in
the thicker part of the jaw, rotate the jaw 180˚
and re-install it to the lower jaw (see figure
repeat Steps 2–3 on the remaining jaws
Always securely tighten
jaws and remove all tools
from the lathe before start-
ing spindle! Thrown objects
from a lathe can cause seri-
ous injury or death to the
operator and to bystand-
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)


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