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Grizzly G0733 Owner's Manual

18" x 47" wood lathe.
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18" X 47" WOOD LATHE
(For models manufactured since 10/11)
Copyright © NovemBer, 2011 By grizzly iNdustrial, iNC., revised april, 2013 (st)
#KN14454 priNted iN ChiNa


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  • Page 1

    OWNER'S MANuAL (For models manufactured since 10/11) Copyright © NovemBer, 2011 By grizzly iNdustrial, iNC., revised april, 2013 (st) WARNiNG: NO pORTiON Of THiS MANuAL MAy bE REpRODucED iN ANy SHApE OR fORM WiTHOuT THE WRiTTEN AppROvAL Of GRizzLy iNDuSTRiAL, iNc.

  • Page 2

    This manual provides critical safety instructions on the proper setup, operation, maintenance, and service of this machine/tool. Save this document, refer to it often, and use it to instruct other operators. Failure to read, understand and follow the instructions in this manual may result in fire or serious personal injury—including amputation, electrocution, or death.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents installing/removing tailstock Center ..24 iNTRODucTiON ..........2 installing the tailstock Center ....24 manual accuracy ........... 2 removing the headstock Center ....24 Contact info............ 2 installing Faceplate ........25 machine description ........2 Changing speed ranges ......25 identification ...........

  • Page 4: Introduction

    Email: Machine Description Manufacture Date of Your Machine the g0733 18" X 47" Wood lathe is designed to turn wood stock so the operator can remove material with a chisel. the variable speed control allows for infinite spindle speed adjustment from 0–3200 rpm and...

  • Page 5: Identification

    Button speed Control Knob figure 1. model g0733 parts and component identification. To reduce the risk of serious injury when using this machine, read and understand this entire manual before beginning any operations.

  • Page 6: Glossary Of Terms

    Become familiar with these terms for assembling, adjusting or operating this machine. your safety is vERy important to us at grizzly! bed: the long, rail-like metal base to which...

  • Page 7: Machine Data Sheet

    MACHINE DATA SHEET Customer Service #: (570) 546-9663 · To Order Call: (800) 523-4777 · Fax #: (800) 438-5901 MODEL G0733 HEAVY DUTY WOOD LATHE 18" X 47" Product Dimensions: Weight................................419 lbs. Width (side-to-side) x Depth (front-to-back) x Height............ 80-3/4 x 19-1/16 x 48-1/16 in.

  • Page 8

    The information contained herein is deemed accurate as of 4/28/2013 and represents our most recent product specifications. Model G0733 PAGE 2 OF 3 Due to our ongoing improvement efforts, this information may not accurately describe items previously purchased. Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 9: Section 1: Safety

    Everyday ery. Never operate under the influence of drugs or eyeglasses are not approved safety glasses. alcohol, when tired, or when distracted. Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 10

    INTENdEd usAGE.­ Only­ use­ machine­ for­ its­ machine­ in­ good­ working­ condition.­ A­ machine­ intended­purpose­and­never­make­modifications­ that­ is­ improperly­ maintained­ could­ malfunction,­ ­ not­ approved­ by­ Grizzly.­ Modifying­ machine­ or­ leading­to­serious­personal­injury­or­death.­ using­ it­ differently­ than­ intended­ may­ result­ in­ ChECK dAMAGEd PARTs.­ Regularly­ inspect­...

  • Page 11: Additional Safety For Wood Lathes

    Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 12: Section 2: Power Supply

    To reduce the risk of these hazards, avoid over- loading the machine during operation and make sure it is connected to a power supply circuit that meets the requirements in the following section. -10- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 13: Grounding Requirements

    If the plug does not fit the available receptacle, or the machine must be reconnected for use on a different type of circuit, the reconnection must be made by a qualified electrician and comply with all local codes and ordinances. -11- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 14: Section 3: Setup

    Your machine was carefully packaged for safe transportation. Remove the packaging materials The G0733 and its com- from around your machine and inspect it. If you ponents are very heavy. discover any damage, please call us immediately Get lifting help or use at (570) 546-9663 for advice.

  • Page 15: Inventory

    -13- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 16: Site Considerations

    Only install in an Shadows, glare, or strobe effects that may distract access restricted location. or impede the operator must be eliminated. ⁄ " ⁄ " 81" figure 7. minimum working clearances. -14- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 17: Cleanup

    NOTICE which may cause a tripping hazard if you decide to move your machine. Avoid chlorine-based solvents, such as acetone or brake parts cleaner, that may damage painted surfaces. -15- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 18: Assembly

    (refer to OpERATiONS section, beginning on page 19, for instructions for moving these components). The G0733 and its com- use assistants to lift one end of the lathe ponents are very heavy. onto support blocks and stabilize the lathe...

  • Page 19: Power Connection

    (2) m8-1.25 x 35 cap screws, (2) 8mm lock washers, and (2) m8-1.25 hex 2. Grasp the molded plug and pull it completely nuts, as shown in figure 14. out of the receptacle. Do not pull by the cord as this may damage the wires inside. Basket figure 16. Disconnecting power. figure 14. attaching basket to leg. -17- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 20: Test Run

    Call emergeNCy stop button in, lift the button tech support for help. to open the switch cover, and press the green oN button to start the machine. -18- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 21: Section 4: Operations

    Regardless of the content in this section, positions any dust collection hoods near the Grizzly industrial will not be held liable for workpiece to collect wood chips and secures accidents caused by lack of training.

  • Page 22: Basic Controls

    Speed control Knob: adjusts the spindle speed from low to high within the range gov- erned by the pulley belt position. D. ON/Off Switch w/Emergency STOp button: turns the lathe oN and oFF. -20- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 23: Stock Inspection & Requirements

    Stock inspection & Adjusting Headstock Requirements the model g0733 headstock is equipped with a cam-action clamping system to secure it to the some workpieces are not safe to turn or may lathe bed. When the lever is tightened, a locking...

  • Page 24: Adjusting Tailstock

    Adjusting Tailstock Adjusting Tool Rest the tailstock adjusts in the same manner as the the tool rest assembly on the model g0733 headstock. has two adjustable components, to provide the safest and most stable position when operating To position the tailstock along the length of the lathe.

  • Page 25: Installing/removing Headstock Center

    Knockout tool Headstock center the included spur center installs into the head- stock spindle with an mt#2 tapered fit. installing the Headstock center disCoNNeCt lathe From poWer! figure 23. removing the headstock center. -23- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 26: Installing/removing Tailstock Center

    Otherwise, the workpiece can be thrown from the lathe causing serious personal injury or death. -24- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 27: Installing Faceplate

    Speed Ranges To install the faceplate: the model g0733 has pulley belt configuration disCoNNeCt lathe From poWer! provided two speed ranges (see figure 27). insert the indexing pin into one of the index- ing holes and rotate the spindle until the pin...

  • Page 28

    (figure 30) to lift the motor assembly all the way up, then replace the front belt access panel. re-tighten the belt tension lock handle—this will hold the motor in place while you change the belt position. -26- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 29: Indexing

    By inserting the indexing pin into one of the four outer indexes of the model g0733 spindle housing and engaging one of the 12 inner indexes in the spindle, the workpiece can be positioned in 10°...

  • Page 30

    Otherwise, the spinning workpiece could force the lathe tool out of your hands or entangle your hands with the workpiece. failure to heed this warning could result in serious personal injury. -28- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 31: Spindle Turning Tips

    "round" as possible as described in Spindle Turning (see Page 27). Center the faceplate on the workpiece and attach it, as shown in figure 40, with wood screws that do not have tapered heads (see figure 41). -29- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 32: Mounting Workpiece To Backing Block

    — if wood screws cannot be placed in the fication of the lathe. on the g0733, the maximum workpiece, the faceplate can be mount- workpiece diameter that can safely be outboard- ed to a backing block attached to the turned is limited to 17".

  • Page 33: Sanding/finishing

    Sanding/finishing To outboard turn on the Model G0733: disCoNNeCt lathe From poWer! after the turning operations are complete, remove the tailstock and tool base from the the workpiece can be sanded and finished machine by removing the hex nuts and clamp...

  • Page 34: Selecting Turning Tools

    Neck hollowing tool shown on page 35 is a good example of a speciality tool. figure 45. example of a skew chisel. -32- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 35: Section 5: Accessories

    To minimize this risk, only install accessories recommended for this machine by Grizzly. NOTICE Refer to the newest copy of the Grizzly catalog for other accessories available for this machine. figure 49. shop Fox 5-pc. chisel set.

  • Page 36

    Knurled knob locks dividers from 0–90°. size indicates leg lengths. figure 54. model t20381 the missing shop manual: lathe book. figure 52. models h5884–h5887 pencil dividers. -34- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 37: Recommended Metal Protectants

    Compact design makes it ideal for small lathes. figure 59. t10117 Big mouth dust hood. figure 57. 1 ⁄ " x 8 tpi Chuck. -35- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 38: Section 6: Maintenance

    For optimum performance from your machine, follow this maintenance schedule and refer to any specific instructions given in this section. all bearings for the model g0733 are lubricated Ongoing: and sealed at the factory, and do not need addi- •...

  • Page 39: Section 7: Service

    4. tighten/replace anchor studs in floor; relocate/shim unevenly on floor. machine; adjust feet. 5. motor mount loose/broken. 5. tighten/replace. 6. motor bearings are at fault. 6. test by rotating shaft; rotational grinding/loose shaft requires bearing replacement. -37- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 40: Wood Lathe Operation

    1. turn the barrel handwheel until it forces taper out of from tailstock barrel. way back into the tailstock. barrel. 2. debris was not removed from taper always make sure that taper surfaces are clean. before inserting into barrel. -38- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 41: Changing Belt

    " belt deflection. Belt tension ensure the belt ribs are fully seated in the lock handle pulley grooves then close the front belt access panel. figure 61. Belt tensioning handle and tension lock handle. -39- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 42: Section 8: Wiring

    Technical source. Support at (570) 546-9663. The photos and diagrams included in this section are best viewed in color. You can view these pages in color at -40- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 43: Wiring Diagram

    RPM Readout Board Brake B1 B2 080307 Spindle Direction Switch KEDU ZH-A EN61058 (Both sides shown) Speed Control Potentiometer ON/OFF Switch w/ Motor Emergency 2 HP 220V STOP Button READ ELECTRICAL SAFETY -41- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11) ON PAGE 40!

  • Page 44: Wiring Components

    Wiring components figure 63. Inverter box and motor box locations. figure 60. RPM readout display board and control panel wiring. READ ELECTRICAL SAFETY -42- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11) ON PAGE 40!

  • Page 45: Section 9: Parts

    PN29M HEX NUT M18-2.5 P0698013 TOOL REST LOCK LEVER P0698027 ECCENTRIC BUSHING 19 X 26 X 33 P0698014 TOOL REST BASE LOCK LEVER P0698031 CLAMP PLATE P0698015 LIVE CENTER P0698032 SUPPORT BRACKET P0698016 QUILL -43- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 46: Headstock Parts Breakdown

    Headstock parts breakdown 63 64 57-4 57-8 57-7 57-5 57-9 57-10 57-6 57-1 57-3 104 105 57-2 -44- Model G0733 (Mfg. Since 10/11)

  • Page 47: Headstock Parts List


  • Page 48: Label Placement

    Safety labels help reduce the risk of serious injury caused by machine hazards. If any label comes off or becomes unreadable, the owner of this machine MUST replace it in the original location before resuming operations. For replacements, contact (800) 523-4777 or -46-...

  • Page 49: Warranty Card

    Would you recommend Grizzly Industrial to a friend? _____ Yes _____No Would you allow us to use your name as a reference for Grizzly customers in your area? Note: We never use names more than 3 times. _____ Yes _____No 10.

  • Page 50

    FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE Place Stamp Here GRIZZLY INDUSTRIAL, INC. P.O. BOX 2069 BELLINGHAM, WA 98227-2069 FOLD ALONG DOTTED LINE Send a Grizzly Catalog to a friend: Name_______________________________ Street_______________________________ City______________State______Zip______ TAPE ALONG EDGES--PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE...

  • Page 51: Warranty And Returns

    WARRANTY AND RETURNS Grizzly Industrial, Inc. warrants every product it sells for a period of 1 year to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs or alterations or lack of maintenance.

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