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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Manual Feed; Power Feed

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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Manual feed

you can manually move the cutting tool around
the lathe for facing or turning operations using the
handwheels shown in figure 49 and described
figure 49. Manual feed controls.
carriage Handwheel
For moves the carriage longitudinally left or right
along the ways in increments of 0.006" for a total
rotary distance of 0.564". one full rotation of this
handwheel equates to approximately
riage longitudinal travel, thus establishing a 1:1
ratio between the two.
cross Slide Handwheel
Moves the cross slide in or out perpendicular to
carriage travel with a 10-tpi leadscrew. Movement
is in increments of 0.001", where a total revolution
of 0.100" equals 0.200" of cross slide movement.
this micrometer scale is a "standard dial" that
has a ratio of 1:2. For example, if the hand wheel
is rotated clockwise 0.015" during a turning opera-
tion, 0.030" will be removed from the overall diam-
eter of the workpiece, as the outside diameter is
measured with a caliper.
compound Slide Handwheel
Moves the compound and cutting tool relative to
the workpiece at various angles with fine-depth
control in inch calibrations. one full rotation
equals 0.100" of compound movement or equates
to a ratio of 1:1. the scale is broken down in incre-
ments of 0.001".
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)
Compound slide
Cross Feed
Carriage handwheel
" of car-

power feed

the feed selection lever (see figure 50) allows
the machinist to engage or disengage the apron
for longitudinal or cross feeding tasks.
Feed selection
spindle on/
oFF lever
figure 50. power feed controls.
sometimes it is necessary to rock the carriage
handwheel or the cross feed handwheel to assist
in fully engaging the chosen feed gears. to pre-
vent inadvertent apron damage, the apron is
equipped with an internal lockout system that pre-
vents the feed selection lever and half-nut levers
from being engaged at the same time. however,
before engaging the apron for any longitudinal
feed operations, make sure that the carriage lock
is loose and the carriage is allowed to move freely,
or the feed system may be damaged.
Moving the feed selection lever upwards from the
central or disengaged position engages the cross
slide for in-and-out facing operations.
Moving the feed selection lever downwards from
the central disengaged position, engages the
carriage for left-or-right longitudinal turning opera-
the speed at which the carriage travels is set with
the feed speed dials (refer to feed Settings on
page 44). the feed direction is changed by the
feed direction lever on the headstock.
Carriage lock


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