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Grizzly G0709 Owner's Manual: Centers

14" x 40" gunsmithing lathe.
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To use the faceplate:
disConneCt lAthe FroM poWer!
insert a dead center into the tailstock, slide
the tailstock up to the faceplate, and lock the
tailstock into position.
place the workpiece against the faceplate
and turn the tailstock quill so the point of the
dead center touches and applies enough
pressure to hold the workpiece in place.
lock the quill when sufficient pressure is
applied to hold the workpiece. Additional
support may be needed, depending on the
Clamp the workpiece at a minimum of three
locations that are as close to being evenly
spaced apart as possible as shown in figure
figure 31. Workpiece properly clamped on the
faceplate in a minimum of three locations
(tailstock removed for clarity).
Use a minimum of three independent clamp-
ing devices when using faceplate. failure
to provide adequate clamping may cause
workpiece to eject during operation.
double check for safety and rotation clear-
slide the tailstock away from the workpiece
and install the required tailstock tooling for
drilling or boring, or position the tool bit for
Model G0709 (Mfg. Since 5/11)


the Model g0709 lathe is supplied with two Mt#3
dead centers, an Mt#3 live center, and a Mt#5–
Mt#3 adapter sleeve (see figure 32) to adapt the
centers into spindle bore. When installing centers
verify that all mating surfaces are clean and free
of nicks and burrs.
Tip: Hand-held tapered bore wipers make this
task very time efficient, and offer consistently
clean bores.
Carbide-tipped dead Center
solid dead Center
figure 32. included centers and sleeve.
Solid Dead center
dead centers are typically used in low speed turn-
ing operations to increase rigidity for close toler-
ances. the solid dead center is installed at the
spindle end of the lathe because the workpiece,
center, and spindle all turn together by the use of
a lathe dog. one end of the lathe dog is clamped
to the workpiece, and the other end the tail, is
inserted into a faceplate slot shown in figure 33).
Tip: If the tail is too large for a slot, install the
3-jaw chuck, open the jaws so the workpiece can
be supported by the center and the tail of the dog
can rest against a jaw.
Faceplate slot
solid dead Center
figure 33. Faceplate and dead center setup.
live Center


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