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JVC RX-8040B Instructions Manual

Audio/video control receiver.
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For Customer
Enter below the Model No. and Serial
No. which are located either on the rear,
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 AUDIO/VIDEO CONTROL RECEIVER RX-8040B '70D_ OD[N_ DIGITAL. IL_IL_ "I_VlVlf kllVl_k PIq_llli)l I I IILIb _=NVE.TE... III/Remote//ll A,/,",,_n.n. i lair "J;[,]1 K,I_ [d ,m_ _vITIr_ IbllfWBI TRUCTIONS For Customer Use: Enter below the Model No. and Serial No. which are located either on the rear, bottom or side of the cabinet.
  • Page 2 Warnings, Cautions and Others/ Mises en garde, precautions et indications diverses CAUTION To reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fire, etc.: Do not remove screws, covers or cabinet. Do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. ATTENTION CAUTION: TO REDUCE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK.
  • Page 3 Introduction We would like to thank you for purchasing one of our JVC products. Before operating this unit, read this manual carefully and thoroughly to obtain the best possible performance from your unit, and retain this manual for future reference.
  • Page 4 ........... AV COMPU LINK Remote Control System ..53 Activating the Zone 2 Front Speakers ........Muting the Zone 2 Sound ............Operating JVC's Audio/Video Components ... 56 Receiving Radio Broadcasts ......Operating Audio Components ..........Tuning in to Stations Manually ..........
  • Page 5 Parts Identification Refer to the pages in parentheses for details. Remote Control ZONE l/ZONE 2 selector ZONE 1 ON/OFF button (19, 52, 55, 56) ZONE 2 ON/OFF button (27, 52, 55, 56) Display window ½i Source selection buttons (17, 18, 20 - 22, 28, 30, 31, 50, 56 - 61) DVD, DVD MULTI, PHONO, CD, VCR l, VCR 2, TAPE/MD, CDR, TV/DBS, VIDEO, FM, AM ANALOG/DIGITAL...
  • Page 6 Front Panel Inside the front door How to open the front door Display...
  • Page 7 Refer to the pages in parentheses for details. Front Panel Display (_ DUAL indicator (43) VII STANDBY/ON button and STANDBY lamp (17 - 19, 26, 27, 52, 55) (2_ ANALOG indicator (22) _] SPEAKERS ON/OFF 1 button (17, 21) (3_ DIGITAL AUTO indicator (22) SPEAKERS ON/OFF 2/ZONE 2 button (17, 29) (_ 96/24indicator...
  • Page 8 Rear Panel Refer to the pages in parentheses for details. DIGITAL IN terminals (14) ½] PREOUT jacks (8, 9) Coaxial: DIGITAL 1 (DVD) COMPONENT VIDE() input/output jacks (12, 13, 50) Optical: DIGITAL 2 (CD), DIGITAL 3 (TV), Input: DVD IN, DBS (VCR 1) IN DIGITAL 4 (CDR)
  • Page 9 Getting Started This section explains how to connect audio/video components and speakers to the receiver, and how to connect power supply Do not connect the AC power cord until all other connections have been made. AM antenna connections [,-],"t'_ _1 I",h'_] [ -'-m _r'1 R_,.
  • Page 10 Speaker connections |l_o] i| i[_ _ li[i _ i[;li'-'] i[_-I [(;,] I_ll_-Iil i i_-"_ il!iYLo[o} _,,a You car] connect the following speakers: • Two pairs of front speakers. • One pair of surround speakers, • One pair of surround back speakers, •...
  • Page 11 Enhance your audio system Zone 1 speaker layout Ideal speaker layout varies depending on the conditions of your You can use this receiver as the pre-amplifier (control amplifier) listeniug room. The diagram below is a recommended typical when you connect power amplifiers to the PREOUT...
  • Page 12 CD player When conuectiug individual componeuts, refer also to tire manuals supplied with them. • Analog connections It" your audio componeuts have digital audio output temfinal, Right / Left connecting them using the digital cords explained in "Digital CD player connections"...
  • Page 13 Video component connections Cassette deck You can conuect either a cassette deck or an MD recorder to the Use tire cables with RCA pin plugs (not supplied). TAPE/MD jacks. When connecting an MD recorder, see below. Connect the white plug to the audio left jack, the red plug to the audio right jack, and the yellow plug to the video jack.
  • Page 14 VCR(s) TVand/orDBStuner You can conuect two VCRs_me to tile VCR l jacks arrd tile other to the VCR 2 jacks. • If your VCR has an AV COMPU LINK jack, connect it to the VCR 1 jacks so that you call use the AV COMPU LINK remote control system.
  • Page 15 DVD player To enjoy Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel software (including • When you connect a DVD player with its analog discrete output (5.l-channel reproduction) jacks: Dual Mono software), conuect the DVD player through the digital or analog discrete (DVD MULTI) terminals.
  • Page 16 • Digital connections Digital outputterminal Tiffs receiver is equipped with four DIGITAL IN terminals on tile You can connect any digital components whicll have an optical rear pauel--one digital coaxial terminal and three digital optical digital input terminal. terminals--and one DIGITAL OUT (optical) terminal on the mar Digital optical cable (not supplied) panel.
  • Page 17 Notes: • The signal-reachable distance may differ depending on the operating conditions and circumstances• To improve transmitting Before plugging the receiver into an AC outlet, make sure that all conditions, change the distance to the receiver and the direction to connections have been made.
  • Page 18 Multi-room Operations Before operating this receiver any further, be familiar with this multi-room function. This function enables you to listen to different sources in two different places (we call these two places "Zone 1 (main room)" and "Zone 2 (sub-room)" by using this receiver.
  • Page 19 On He remo_ cen_ol: On the front panel: I..I I..1. Press O/I STANDBY/ON. The STANDBY lamp goes oft'. and the ZONE 1 indicator lights up oil the display. Tile buttons and controls on the unit work for Zone 1 operations. •...
  • Page 20 On the remote centre# l:_[m_j __l_l'_ F"-': When operating the receiver using the remote control, the unit's display always shows the Zone 1 source information though The sources and functions available for Zone 2 operations are limited. are operating it for the Zone 2 source. For more details oil Zone 2 operations, see "Zone 2 (Sub-room) Operations"...
  • Page 21 /Zone 1 (Main Room) Operations This section explains only the operations commonly used when you play any sound source in Zone 1 (main room). See pages 26 to 29 for the Zone 2 (sub-room) operations. • Before performing Zone 1 operations, it is recommended to finish the basic settings on pages 32 to 38.
  • Page 22 Speaker and signal indicators on the display By checking the following iudicators, you can easily confirm which speakers you are activating and which signals are coming into this receiver. Speaker indicators Signal indicators ISUBWFRI Press one of the source selection buttons.
  • Page 23 Selecting different sources for picture sound While watching pictures from a video source (DVD player, VCR, or DBS tuner), you can listen to sound of an audio source. • Once you have selected a video source, pictures of the selected source are sent to the TV until you select arrother video source.
  • Page 24 2. Press INPUT DIGITAL to select "DGTL AUTO." • When using the remote comrol, press ANALOG/DIGITAL Each time you press the button, the analog (ANALOG) digital (DGTL AUTO) input modes alternate. You carl cancel the subwoofer sound output even though you have connected a subwoofcr...
  • Page 25 If this happens, you need to attenuate tire irrput signal level to prevent tire sound distortion. • Once you have made an adjustment, it is memorized for each arralog source. JVC's CC (Compression Compensative) Corrverter eliminates jitter arrd ripples, achieving...
  • Page 26 When you have connected all MD recorder to the TAPE/MD jacks or a DBS tuner to the TV SOUND/DBS IN jacks on the rear panel, change the source name which will appear oil the display. Reinforcing the _,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bass CZD O0 Using the Sleep _,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ Changing Timer...
  • Page 27 Recording a source For analog-to-aualog recording Using the Sleep Timer, you can fall asleep while listeniug to music. You can record any analog playback source onto the recording When the shut-off time comes, the receiver turns off automatically. components connected to the audio output jacks oil the rear panel •...
  • Page 28 Zone 2 (Sub-room) Operations This section explains only the operations used when you play a sound source in Zone 2 (sub-room). See pages 19 to 25 for the Zone 1 (main room) operations. • Before performing the Zone 2 operations, it is recommended to finish the basic settings on pages 32 to 3B.
  • Page 29 To turn off the power (into standby mode), press _/I STANDBY/ON again. The STANDBY lamp lights On the front panel: On the remote control: ®iiiiiii I..I I..I ZONE1 ZONE2 To stop Zone 2 operations and sounds from the Zone 2 speakers, press ZONE 2 ON/OFF so that tire ZONE...
  • Page 30 7 _"]_T"T " 7 _" fT"l _====.J Press one of the source selection buttons (except DVD MULTI On the front panel: and TV SOUND). To increase the volume, turn MASTER VOLUME clockwise. To decrease the volume, turn it counterclockwise. Ex. When DVD is selected as the source.
  • Page 31 I_M"_ ! l",h"l"_ l ,_ffl'_ p.,1 [.._ ZONE 1 ZONE 2 Set ZONE l/ZONE 2 Before you start, rememhel'... selector to ZONE 2. When shipped from the factory, both pairs of tile front speakers have been set to be used ill Zone •...
  • Page 32 /Receiving Radio Broadcasts You can browse through all the stations or use the preset function to go immediately to a particular station. IMPORTANT: Check the following before or while using the buttonsand controls. For Zone 1 operations: The ZONE 1 indicator lights up on the unit's display. For Zone 2 operations: The ZONE 2 indicator lights up on the unit's display.
  • Page 33 On the remote control: 21NiNl i vtr j 1. Press FM or AM to select the band. The last received station of the selected band is tuned irr. 2. Press the 10 keys to select a preset channel number. • For channel number 5, press 5.
  • Page 34 Basic Settings Some of the following settings are required after connecting and positioning your speakers while others will make operations easie_ You can use QUICK SPEAKER SETUP to easily set up your speaker configuration. Basic setting operations are only possible while the receiver is ready for Zone 1 operations.
  • Page 35 Speakers [channels/number and the size I:_i--_ll_ You can find how each of the speaker size is defined according to the number of conuected speakers (speaker channel "CH" number) On the following pages, you can adjust the following items: you select. •...
  • Page 36 I:h't"q_ I:/'¢tl'._, ff_. : shows the irritial setting in the following tables. Setting the speakers To obtain tire best possible surround effect from tire Surround arrd DSP modes in Zone 1, register the setting about the speaker arrangement after all connections are completed.
  • Page 37 Setting the speaker distance Setting bass sounds You can adjust subwoofer and bass sounds precisely according to The distance from your listening point to the speakers is another your preference. important element to obtain the best possible sound of the Su_ound and DSP modes.
  • Page 38 Selecting the main or sub-channel Crossover frequency--CROSS OVER You can select tile crossover frequency for the small speakers You can select the playback sound (channel) you want while playing used. The signals below' the selected frequency level will be sent digital software recorded...
  • Page 39 Setting the digital input terminals When "DIGITAL 1 (DGTL IN COAX)" is set to "TV" or "DBS"* When you use the digital input terminals, register which components you have connected to the digital input terminals. 2: CD 3: DVD 4: CDR 2: CD 3: DVD 4: MD...
  • Page 40 Setting the component video input Setting the Zone 2/Speakers When you use the component video inputs _r connecting the DVD You call select the usage of the speaker connected to flae FRONT2/ZONE2 SPEAKERS terminals. player and/or DBS tuner (or VCR), register the type of input jacks.
  • Page 41 Adjusting Sound You can make sound adjustment to your preference after completing basic setting. Sound adjustment operations are only possible while the receiver is ready for Zone 1 operations. IMPORTANT: Check the following before or while using the buttons and controls. Oil the following pages, you can adjust the items listed below: For Zone...
  • Page 42 I:b't"q_ I:/'¢tl'g_,P_'_. Adjusting the equalization patterns You can adjust the equalization patterns to your preference. • Once you have made an adjustment, it is memorized for each source. • The equalization pattern affects the front speaker sounds only. • Eoualization adiustment--EO 63Hz.
  • Page 43 Adjusting the sound parameters for the You can also use the remote control for adjusting the speaker Surround and DSP modes output level and DSP (DAP modes and Mono Film) effect levels You can adjust the Surround and DSP sound parameters to your ("EFFECT"...
  • Page 44 Using the Surround Modes This unit can activates a variety of Surround modes. The basic settings and adjustments stored (see pages 32 to 41) are applied. • The following operations are only possible when the receiver is ready for Zone 1 operations, and are used only for Zone I sources.
  • Page 45 • If both the surround speakers and center speaker are set to DTS96124 "NONE" in the speaker setting, JVC's original 3D-PHONIC has been developed to create the surround processing (which In recent years, there has been increasing irrterest in higher...
  • Page 46 2. Press SURROUND to activate the Surround mode. Available Surround modes vary depending oil the speaker settings • For multi-channel digital software, incoming signals and the incoming signals. (See pages 46 and 47.) automatically detected and tire appropriate Surround mode is activated (see pages 46 and 47 for details).
  • Page 47 • Activating the EX/ES/PLIIx setting • Each time you press the button, it changes as follows: For details of applicable Surround mode, see "Surround Modes For multi-channel digital software, you can activate Applicable to the Various Software" on pages 46 and 47. EX/ES/PLIIx (6,l-channel) reproduction...
  • Page 48 |"1 ! i i il, 1! i i i i I tvl I'_, [:_.-!!:I ,j l i i [-__i.I ,'1p.i ;_li _i'_lr_.-i-_ i, 1! _.1..--_Ii,v,,_ i i: Available Surround modes vary depending on the speaker settings and the incoming signals. The table below shows the relation of file Surround modes...
  • Page 49 Available SurroundNode Incoming SignalType DTS-ES Discrete 6. lch DTS (3D-PHONIC) .2 ES DSCRT DTS + DD EX .3 DTS + PLIIx MU DTS (VIRTUAL SB) .4 DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 ch DTS (3D-PHONIC) DTS-ES 96/24 Matrix ES MATRIX DTS + DD EX *-_'> DTS + PLIIx MU '>...
  • Page 50 "NONE" in the speaker • Digital Acoustic Processor (DAP) modes (HALL 1, HALL 2, setting, JVC's original 3D-PHONIC processing (which has been LIVE CLUB, DANCE CLUB, PAVILION, THEATER 1, THEATER 2) developed to create the surround effect through the front speakers only) is used.
  • Page 51 All channel stereo mode This mode can reproduce a larger stereo sound field using all the ' '[ o /'g cormected (and activated) speakers. • If the surround speakers are set to "NONE," you cannot select "ALL STEREO." o o o o o o o000 CZD_ Sound reproduced from normal stereo...
  • Page 52 Using the DVD MULTI Playback Mode This receiver provides the DVD MULTI playback mode for reproducing the analog discrete output mode of the DVD player. • The following operations only possible when the receiver is ready for Zone 1 operations, and are used only...
  • Page 53 COMPU LINK Remote Control System The COMPU LINK remote control system allows you to operate JVC's audio components through the remote sensor the receiven Refer also to the manuals supplied with your audio components, To use tbis remote control system,...
  • Page 54 Synchronized Recordino fOnlv for Zone I Ooerationsl Automatic Power On/Off fStandbvl--enlv oossible / Znn_2 [ with the COMPU LINK-3 and COMPU LINK-4 This operation is only possible when the receiver is ready for Zone 1 operations. The CD player, CD recorder, and Cassette deck (or MD recorder) turn oil and off along wifll file receiver.
  • Page 55 This receiver is equipped with the AV COMPU LINK-Ill. The AV COMPU LINK remote control system allows you to operate JVC video components (VCR, DVD player, and 73/) through the receiven To use this remote control system, need to connect...
  • Page 56 CONNECTIONS 3: Video Cable Connection This receiver is equipped writh three types of the video terminals S-vkteo, composite video, and comlxment vkteo, and can output the signal through the output jack only the signal came from same type input jack. So you need to connect the VCR 1 and/or DVD player to the TV using one of the lbllowing three ways: •...
  • Page 57 /;)X7 One-Touch Play Automatic Power On/Off [Standby] Simply by starting playback on the DVD player, you can enjoy tire Tire TV (for Zone 1 only), VCR 1 (VCR connected to the VCR DVD playback without setting other switches manually. jacks), arrd DVD player turn on arrd off along with the receiver.
  • Page 58 ZONE 1 ON/OFF : Turn oil or offthe Zone 1 sound, • You need to connect JVC's audio components through the COMPU LINK (SYNCHRO)jacks (see page 51) in addition to the ZONE 2 ON/OFF : Turn oil or off the Zone 2 sound.
  • Page 59 CD recorder After pressing CD, you carl perform the following operations on the After pressing CDR or selecting "CDR" by pressing CONTROL CD player: repeatedly, you can perform tire following operations on the CD recorder: PLAY Start playing. I-<_1 Return to flae beginning of flae current (or previous)
  • Page 60 VCR connected to the VCR 1 IN PLAY. jacks is set to code "A." -When another JVC's VCR is connected to the VCR 2 IN jacks, set • REC : Press this button together with PLAY to start its remote control code to code "B."...
  • Page 61 Operating Other Manufacturers' Equipment i This remote control supplied with the receiver can transmit control signals for other manufacturers' TVs, CATV converters, DBS tuners, VCRs and DVD players. • Refer also to the manuals supplied with your video components. IMPORTANT: By changing the transmittable signals...
  • Page 62 To change the transmittable signals for To change the transmittable signals for operating another manufacturer's operating another manufacturer's CATV converter or DBS tuner 1. Press and hold DVD POWER. 1. Set the TV operation mode selector to CATV/DBS. 2. Press VCR 1. CD C_ 3.
  • Page 63 To change the transmittable signals for To change the transmittable signals for operating another manufacturer's DVD player operating another manufacturer's CD player 1. Press and hold 1. Press and hold DVD POWER. AUDIO POWER CD CD CD 2. Press DVD. iiiii 2.
  • Page 64 For TV For VCR Manufacturer Codes Manufacturer Codes 00 ", 26, 27 00", 14, 74 Aiwa Fisher Funai Sanyo Bell & Howell Hitachi 08, 09, 10, 49 Fisher 03, 14, 15, 16 Magnavox 08, 17, 49 Sanyo 03, 48 Mitsubishi 08, 18 Magnavox 04, 19, 24...
  • Page 65 Troubleshooting Use this chart to help you solve daily operational problems, If there is any problem you cannot solve, contact your JVC's service cente_ PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION The buttons and controls on the front The multi-room function is not set •...
  • Page 66 PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Multi-channel reproduction mode ZONE 2 SPEAKERS are activated. Deactivate the Zone 2 front speakers. call,lot be used for Zolle 1 sources. Activate all connected speakers correctly. Expected SUH'ound effect cannot be Speakers are deactivated on the Quick "_ (See "Setting the speakers"...
  • Page 67 Specifications Video Amplifier Video Input Sensitivity/hnpedance Output Power Composite Video At Stereo Operation DVD IN, TV SOUND/DBS IN, VCR 1 IN, VCR 2 IN, VIDEO: Front Channel: 130 W per channel, min. RMS, driven into 1 V(p-p)/75 8 £L 20 Hz to 20 kHz, with no more than S-video 0.08% total harmonic distortion.
  • Page 68 • WHAT YOU MUST DO FOR WARRANTY SERVICE: • Return your product to a JVC authorized service center with a copy of your bill of sale. For your nearest JVC authorized service center, please call toll free: (800) 537-5722. • If service is not available...
  • Page 69 Authorized Service Centers QUALITY SERVICE HOW TO LOCATE YOUR JVC SERVICE CENTER TOLL FREE: 1 (800) 537-5722 Dear Customer, In order to receive the most satisfaction from your purchase,please read the instruction booklet before operating the unit.In the event that repairs are necessary, please call 1 (800)537-5722...

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