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EPSON Stylus &RORU 800
10. Look at the output to check if the lines are most closely aligned. If not, adjust the misalignment
referring to the output result, as shown in the figure below.
; As you change the value with a unit of 4 for 267cps or 2 for 200 cps, the slant moves
approximately 0.07 mm or 0.035 mm, respectively.
; The printed vertical line shift about 0.07mm by inputting "4" on 267cps adjustment mode . On the
200cps adjustment mode, by inputting "2" , the printed vertical line shift about 0.035mm..
11. If the value input is incorrect, enter the correct value after pressing the "SPACE" key and press
"ENTER" key to set the values, then the menu returns to the sub menu.
12. Enter "7" for "Select menu : ?" then press "ENTER" key to proceed to the "Print Inspection" in the
sub menu, in order to check how the set values affect to the outcome. The following appears on the
13. Follow the menu by entering a dummy M/C No. in 3 digits, black voltage, and color voltage
corresponding the installed printheads, then press "ENTER" key, and the following menu appears.
Figure 4-36. Adjusting Value Determination
Figure 4-37.
Setting Menu (1) for Print Inspection
Figure 4-38.
Setting Menu (2) for Print Inspection
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