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Dual-state Power Button; Worldwide Web Site - HP Xw8400 - Workstation - 4 GB RAM User Manual

Hp xw8400 service and technical reference guide.
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workstation and press and hold the
If you are using a PS/2 keyboard, disregard the keyboard error message that might appear.
If you are using a diskette, insert it now.
Click File>Replicated Setup>Save to Removable Media. Follow the instructions on the screen
to create the configuration diskette.
Download a BIOS utility for replicating setup (repset.exe), and copy it onto the configuration
diskette. To obtain this utility, go to
of the workstation.
On the configuration diskette, create an autoexec.bat file containing the following command:
repset.exe cpqsetup.txt.
Power off the workstation to be configured. Insert the configuration diskette and power on the
workstation. The configuration utility runs automatically.
Restart the workstation when the configuration is complete.

Dual-state power button

With ACPI enabled, the power button can function either as an on/off switch or as a sleep button. The
feature does not completely remove the power, but instead causes the workstation to enter a low-power
standby state. This feature enables you to power off without closing applications and to return to the
same operational state without any data loss.
To change the power button configuration:
Click Start, and select Control Panel>Power Options.
In Power Options Properties, click the Advanced tab.
In the Power Button section, select Hibernate. (Hibernate must be enabled in the Hibernate
After configuring the power button to function as a button, press the power button to put the system in
a very low power state. Press the button again to bring the system to full power status. To completely
remove all power to the system, press and hold the power button for four seconds.
responding. Powering off the power without operating system interaction can cause damage to
or loss of data on the hard drive.

Worldwide web site

HP engineers rigorously test and debug software developed by HP and third-party suppliers, and
develop operating system specific support software, to ensure performance, compatibility, and reliability
for HP workstations.
When making the transition to new or revised operating systems, it is important to implement the support
software designed for that operating system. If you plan to run a version of Microsoft Windows that is
different from the version included with the workstation, you must install corresponding device drivers
and utilities to ensure that all features are supported and functioning properly.
Chapter 3 System management
If you do not press the F10 key at the appropriate time, you must restart the
Do not use the power button to power off the workstation unless the system is not
key again to access the utility.
and enter the model number


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