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HP Xw8400 - Workstation - 4 GB RAM User Manual Page 40

Hp xw8400 service and technical reference guide.
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Table 3-1
Computer Setup (F10) Utility menu descriptions (continued)
OS Security
OS Power
Chapter 3 System management
UUID (Universal Unique Identifier)
Can only be updated if the current chassis serial number is invalid. (These ID numbers are normally
set in the factory and are used to uniquely identify the system.)
Enables you to set the keyboard locale for System ID entry.
Data Execution Prevention
Sets Data Execution Prevention mode in the processors. This mode prohibits code from running
in pages that were set up as data pages, and prevents attacks such as buffer overflows. Operating
system support is required for this feature.
Intel Virtualization Technology
Enables Intel Virtualization Technology in the processors. Additional virtualization software (such
as VMware) is required to use virtualization. This feature requires a power cycle to be activated.
Operating system support is required for this feature.
Runtime Power Management
Enables Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) and Demand-Based Switching (DBS). This
option allows the operating system to tune processor performance states depending on load.
Idle Power Savings
When set to Enhanced, this option enables C1E, the high-efficiency processor halt state. When
the operating system puts a processor in idle mode, its power consumption is reduced. This option
reduces power consumption when the load is light. Operating system support is required for this
ACPI S3 Support
Enables the suspend-to-RAM state. This option is mostly for troubleshooting purposes; the
operating system will never enter S3 if one of its drivers does not support that state. Enabled by
default; disabled for troubleshooting.
ACPI S3 Hard Disk Reset
When enabled, the BIOS sends a "drive reset" command to the IDE and SATA drives when
resuming from S3, before returning to the operating system.
ACPI S3 PS2 Mouse Wake Up
Allows the PS/2 mouse to wake from ACPI S3. PS/2 keyboards are always enabled. (Disabling
this option means that nudging the mouse will not trigger a system wake.)
USB Wake on Device Insertion
Enables the USB controllers to generate a wake event when a device is plugged in while the system
is in an ACPI sleep state. The matching USB controller must be set to wake the system (from
Windows, this is done from Device Manager, using the Power Management tab for that controller,
and setting the Allow this device to wake up the system check box).
SATA Power Management
Enables you to enable or disable SATA power management. This option still works when the
controller is in RAID + AHCI mode.
Fan Idle Mode
This setting changes the minimum fan speed. The fans are still automatically controlled.


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