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Replicating The Setup - HP Xw8400 - Workstation - 4 GB RAM User Manual

Hp xw8400 service and technical reference guide.
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To recover the system after it enters Boot Block recovery mode:
If there is a diskette in the diskette drive or a CD in the CD drive, remove the diskette and CD, and
power down the system.
Insert a ROMPaq diskette into the diskette drive, or if permitted on this workstation, insert a
ROMPaq CD into the CD drive. USB media such as an HP DriveKey can also be used.
Power on the workstation.
If no ROMPaq diskette or ROMPaq CD is found, you will be prompted to insert one and restart the
If a setup password has been established, the Caps Lock light illuminates and you are prompted
to enter the password.
Enter the setup password.
If the system successfully starts from the diskette and successfully reprograms the ROM, then the
three keyboard lights illuminate. A rising tone series of beeps also signals successful completion.
Remove the diskette or CD, and restart the system.
The following table lists the various keyboard light combinations used by the Boot Block ROM (when a
PS/2 keyboard is attached to the workstation) and explains the meaning and action associated with
each combination.
Table 3-2
Keyboard light combinations used by Boot Block ROM
FailSafe Boot
Block Mode
Num Lock
Caps Lock
Num, Caps,
Scroll Lock
Num, Caps,
Scroll Lock
Diagnostic lights do not flash on USB keyboards.

Replicating the setup

The following procedures enable you to easily copy one setup configuration to other workstations of the
same model to provide faster, more consistent configuration of multiple workstations.
To collect and replicate BIOS settings on multiple computers, use System Software Manager or
HP Client Manager Software. For more information, see
Chapter 3 System management
Keyboard LED Activity
Blink On in sequence,
one at a time—N,C, SL
Both procedures require a diskette drive or a USB device such as an HP DriveKey.
ROMPaq diskette or ROMPaq CD not present, is bad, or drive not ready
Enter password
Keyboard locked in network mode
Boot Block ROM Flash successful.


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